Must run in the family...

So if there are more than 2 people that actually read this blog....check out my mom's "Eat Local" blog. It's another issue that is incredibly important.


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What a waste....

So since I've been at school...this semester and the past semester...I've been trying to recycle as much as I can. Mainly, bottles and paper. But there are, of course, items that don't fit in either of those categories. I've realized two things: 1) that I can find a second or third use for a lot of things and 2) that I used to waste SO much.

I think since I've been in this mindset, that I look at things I used to throw away and see potential to make them into something else. Seriously the three R's are not just good for the Earth, but they're beneficial to a college student's budget. I don't waste money on buying new things because I've remade my old stuff into what I need. I realize this isn't going to work for everything, but still. Lack of cash breeds CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY. Gotta love it.

Well...that's all for now...pretty simple...but just the thoughts of a wants-to-save-the-earth-and-likes-making-her-own-stuff chick:).


The above pictures are not my own creations...but I thought they were cool:)....if you can't tell..it's pop cans:) and candy wrappers