my neighborhood

I was thinking the other day about communities. And neighborhoods. And neighbors.

And blogging. And some of my blogging friends.

A community, a circle, a group, a neighborhood, whatever you like to call it, is a support system. It's a place where you are free. Free, just to be. And be you, however you turn out that day. And there is someone there to laugh or cry with you, or say something that makes you feel better.

When Micaela writes a heart-wrenching post, I feel for her. And know that she and I are similar, in some ways. That we feel things deeply. And that we love easily.

When Jayne posts something hilariously witty, or utterly literary, I bask in the glory of her words. And I laugh out loud. She's brave enough to follow her dreams, and think that is beautiful.

When Pepper puts up pictures of her crafty genius, I envy her talent and smile a little more that day. She has such spice for life, and I love that.

The difference between these women and some of my other blogging friends is this: I only know them through their blogs. And their comments on my blog.
I've never watched movies all night with Micaela, gone used bookstore hunting with Jayne, or had a craft day with Pepper. But these are women that I have grown to respect, love, and sincerely care about.

Because, you see, these are some of my neighbors, in this neighborhood of bloggers. As a whole, it is a worldwide network; but for me, it's not too big. For now. Just a few comments at the finish of my thoughts.

But that's okay, because I've always been a small-town girl.
{And to all my blogging friends, the ones I have and have not met, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world. Come again soon!}

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pepper said...

oh sweetness! oh i love knowing such a sincereley beautiful and honest and generally-super blogger like you and your posts never fail to leave me revived and restored to the possibilities of love and life. ah, group hugs all round people!

Katya said...

3 cheers for blogging friends! i'll have to check out those blogs later sometime. they sound beyond lovely. :)

Micaela said...


I'm glad I saw this post today, especially today. I've had a dark cloud over my head and just felt overwhelmed. It was just "one of those days."

so that i saw this today-- you said all the words i felt in my heart and you gave me a big hug without even knowing it.

pepper said it best- you are genuine and only happy things should ever come your way.

yes, we are a neighborhood- i love how you phrased that. And even though we are technically "perfect strangers" we share such a connection that if you should ever need anything, you know where to find my little world...

ps. a night of movie watching sounds divine!


thank you for making my day!!!

Niki said...

This is beautiful, and so true!