a lovely manifesto

I found this from A Lot To Say, one of my new favorite "green" T-shirt companies. (dare I say, maybe exactly the kind of company I would love to work for?)

Our Manifesto

If you think something, say it.
If you believe something, say it.
If you want something, say it.
Because saying it creates new awareness.
Awareness sparks new behavior.
And new behavior inspires us all to be better.
If we speak out, others will act out.
To vote. Recycle. Save.
To think a little more.
To try a little harder.
To live more honestly.
Thoughtfully. Joyfully.
You have a lot to say.
So never be afraid to say it.
Or wear it.

{now, obviously, saying everything you think, could be a not-so-good idea. But I think this is beautiful and very positive.}


amanda and dave said...

oooh I like it!

and I love the "traveling shoes" idea! I do think we're all close to the same size! :)

Jayne said...

such a fantastic message! :)
oh, and i am such a scatter-brained fool about those mix cds - but i promise they're coming!