all i need

to the future love-of-my-life:
i don't need a diamond; i'm not even sure I want any gem at all. all I really need is a thin little band around that special finger; just something that will say to everyone else that i'm yours, forever.

and i don't need a big, expensive house; just a space we can call our own, a place to build our life, and make our memories.

i don't need you to make lots of money; just enough. and we will be smart and creative with it.

{what i do need is}: for you to love me back. all of me. even the parts that are quirky and weird and don't seem to fit. the part that is stubborn and doesn't always play well with others. the part that secretly wants to give all our wealth away to feed Africa. the part that craves adventure. the part that is easily scared. the part that can be dramatic and irrational and sometimes cries for no reason. the part that is completely and utterly, human. {for you to want all that, forever. so we can say "i love you" with as much feeling at twenty-two, seventy-two, or one-million-and-two.}

that's all i need.

and you don't have to know it by our third date, or even our thirty-third date.

until you do:

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Josh said...

It's official Laura, you rock my world. You have such character that I'm sitting here thinking to myself, "Golly Josh. Why aren't we that cool?" Your future Mr. Right is going to be one lucky stud muffin.

Katya said...

beautiful, beautiful post laura. you'll find him. :)

Micaela said...

i adore your love letter to him, whoever this lucky fella will be.

i want a simple love too.

ps. I'll feed africa with you guys!!! you are precious. xo

Amber said...

That is such a lovely sentiment. Nice blog to discover. Thanks.

Francesca said...

Hi! Nice to meet you ;)

Bekah Parker said...

That was adorable..

Anonymous said...

You Write Beautifully! Truly i would want a love like that ... :)