i love my little town

I got up early today. (And by early, I mean, 8:27 am)

My ma and I went and picked peaches and mulberries (surprisingly really good!) at Sterken Farm U-Pick. I'm thinking peach pie this sunday is a definite possibility :).

Then we went to my new favorite little bakery, cafe & country store, Lighthouse Center. It's this adorable little place out in Umpqua. I took a quick tour, because we didn't have very much time, but was already drooling when I saw they have pistachios in bulk, organic dark chocolate, fresh produce, and fresh BREAD. I'm dying to get some of their Garlic Romano, and try their Triple Cheese. For breakfast, I got some chocolate-dipped almond biscotti. It was to-die-for.

I plan on making many a trip their way this summer.

This just further confirms my belief that it is so much more fun to shop at small independent businesses. Katie's right, they have so much character.

Mmm...small town fever. It's addicting.

{Also. I think I am this. An Ethicurean. At least I try to be. Check it out.}

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Kellie Rachelle said...

Can I do those things with you when I come? I really want to!