"te amo con toda mi fe sin medidas"*

Life/Love can be tricky. Two choices are presented. To ease into something that is good and comfortable and easy, or to venture into the something foreign and scary and unsure.

Sometimes you have to choose between something great and something that might be even better. Or it could also be disastrous. That 's the risk.

The logical mind thinks: What's the point in letting yourself become attached to someone who may or may not be at all attached to you. Or at least not in the same way. You are such good friends, why risk losing that?

But the hopelessly romantic heart says: You will never know for sure. What is life if you don't let yourself feel with your whole heart. And too late, the damage is already done. Bring it on. All of it.

The catch is that the decision is not whether or not to let go of something bad for something good, but to let go of something lukewarm and stagnant for something that puts your heart in motion and lets it do what it does best: love.

It makes sense to me that, a lot of times, you have to fight to enjoy the best in life. By fighting, you are acknowledging that whatever or whoever is worth it. By taking that risk, you realize that whatever the outcome may be, however much it might kill you in the end, you'll take it because the chance of being with that person is worth it. And because of the undying hope we all have somewhere in our hearts (buried as it may be) that things will work out, someday.

*so I'm on a manรก kick...love them.
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"bendita la luz de tu mirada"

a little evidence of my recent purchases from my new favorite music store...

Oh how I love this CD already. I can't believe I waited this long to buy it.

And the other two that I bought:
One I've been wanting for a long time...

And one I fell in love with...again.

Music makes my heart happy.


a little bit of goodbye

Today was my last full day in my beautiful Oregon, before I leave for currently-sunny-but-soon-to-be-snowy-you-know-where.

We shopped a little.
My mother and I.
And we ate a little junk food.
And got lost in Everyday Music. Definitely a new favorite. (I might have bought three CDs on impulse.)
And we watched a wonderful movie: Julie & Julia

I love Oregon, my mom and music. A lot. It was a perfect day.

{And on a random note: I bought a pair of skinny jeans. Black ones. This is totally out of character for me; I don't do "trendy." But I like them. I really do. And don't blame me if tomorrow is the third day I wear them...in a row.}


flawed and a bit fearful


I need you to be the kind of guy that won't back down when I tell you what I'm scared of, even if it scares you; the doubts that I have, even if they surprise you; my insecurities, even though I seem confident.

I need you to not run away, even when you find my faults. You can't be someone I need to hide from; you need to be the guy I run to. And if I get scared and run away, I need you to come after me. Sometimes I'll need you to fight for me, and remind me that I'm worth fighting for.

I need to be able to be me around you. I can be pretty good at putting on a show, but it doesn't usually last. And that's not the way it should be anyway, is it?

I need you to not give up on me, even when I want to give up on myself.

And I need you to be the sunshine in my life, when I'm in my darkest days.

And maybe this makes me sound really needy and pathetic,

but I promise: I'll do the same for you.

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road trip, anyone...?

I have professed my love for Carbon Leaf on this blog at least once before.
But did you know that they are touring with another one of my loves?:
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Well, they are.
And they will be playing in:
Denver, CO
Sept. 25th
at 8pm.
It's a Friday.

Which I think is perfect for a slightly irresponsible weekend roadtrip!

Who's with me?!
It's less than an 8 hour drive from you-know-where.

Also, check out the bands:

And for a brief introduction to any newbies, youtube/playlist/imeem these songs:

Carbon Leaf: Life Less Ordinary, Love Loss Hope Repeat, Let Your Troubles Roll By

SK and the 6ers: Maria, You've Changed, Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts
Oh man. I can just imagine them live.


If I were to Tweet...

...Maybe these are the sorts of things I would say:

Exclamation points make me smile.
Except when they come after expletives.

Staying up late reading is a great way to deprive yourself of sleep, while simultaneously loving it.

Someday I want to have a wall in my house that I can paint/doodle/write/draw on anytime I please.

I haven't worked out in a very long time. Also, I eat junk. Granted, I don't eat much else.
This is still something I should work on.

I'm currently debating about a few things: purchasing an ipod, dyeing my hair, and my class schedule.

Firsts for this week: paying my tuition and having money left over, using my brand-spanking-new credit card, sandboarding in the dunes with my Mom & filming her sandboarding.

I need to either: stop reading about girls who live in NYC or find a way to get there.

I really love non-spam/newsletter/school-related emails.

Today my little brother stubbed his toe...because he kicked my shin.
All because I ate one of his orange Runts.

I hope I never get over the beauty of the Spanish language, especially when put to music.

I'm really aching to travel to a faraway place, with a one-way ticket, a swimsuit.
I think airports are fascinating; so many different people coming and going.
Adventures, just waiting to be found.
There really is nothing like falling into bed at the end of the day and getting to shut your eyes for hours and hours...

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Technologically Challenged

So...I took some pretty sweet pictures on my phone today.

Problem is, I have NO IDEA how to get them OFF my phone, and INTO my computer.

Any brilliant ideas?

(I have an LG enV3, with Verizon)


you gotta spend some time, love; you gotta spend some time, with me.

The results are in:

"her morning elegance"-oren lavie: love this one. we're all fighting for our lives.

"turn to stone"-ingrid michaelson: oh ingrid. always a pleasure.

"skinny love"-bon iver: never heard this one before. and I really like it. it reminds me of the music on the garden state soundtrack.

"7:PM"-yann teirsen: so glad you mentioned this one, pepper! It's something I probably wouldn't have come across on my own and I am always in awe of beautiful string pieces.

"sweet disposition"-temper trap: really interesting sound, i like it. :)

"us"-regina spektor: found this one, or better, was reminded of this one from the 500 Days of Summer trailer. it's definitely a new favorite.

"maybe" -ingrid michaelson: once again, ingrid, you speak my heart. "Maybe" to me, is always so bittersweetly hopeful.

"attractions"-severe severe: I could only find a sample of this one, it wasn't even on youtube or playlist.com. But it sounds like something I might like. Any help?

"green spandex"-xavier rudd: I only perused this artist's website for a few minutes, but I liked what I heard. I didn't find this particular song though.

"one love"-bob marley: I really love the title of this one, and it's message.

"where I stood"-missy higgins: this song makes me think of freshman year in college. it's definitely a keeper.

So that's all, for now, my dears! Enjoy. And feel free to drop by and leave more music ideas, anytime. They are always welcome to my heart. :)


Sometimes the best things in life...

...come at the most inopportune time.
I have this issue with timing. I fight it. And I struggle to accept it.

Good things tend to come into my life right before big changes; usually those changes involve a change of location.

Maybe I'm a procrastinator when it comes to love.
I wait until the last minute to open up, care, or really look at what's in front of me.
Until it's too late.

Sometimes I think the last-minute romantic fling is the way to go. No time to get bored or lose interest or let my fickle heart play tricks on an unexpecting male. No time to get scared off or overanalyze. No time to get too attached or really fall too deep, because the end so closely follows the beginning.

Love comes to me in glimpses, in moments. Not in some lengthy affair consuming my life for months or years at a time. A moonlit kiss, a few words, a certain scent. I have not learned what little I know about love from one definite experience, but from fractions of days and weeks of almost loves. I have not learned about heartache from a single heartbreaking day, but from a variety of cracks and chips to my heart, wrinkles and wrongdoings that bruise my soul, spread out over months and years.

Maybe that's better. Because I've been able to deal with each, piece by piece, and move on. Because I've never had my world end with a single goodbye. Maybe it's preparing me for that heartbreaking day.

Or maybe not. Maybe it's training for the day when the timing will catch up with my mental clock. When someday the chips will fit together and it will feel permanent, and, most of all, I will feel at peace with that.

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering."

-Ida Scott Taylor

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Play me a song. It won't take long.

I love finding new music. And by new, I usually mean, new to me. I'll admit, I think it's kinda cool to know a few bands that are still sort of "underground." But I don't claim to be Indie, (although I have been called that before. I don't really claim to be anything at all.
But anyway, I have a proposition for you, my readers. (Yes. All of you.):

Play me a song. (in other words, leave a comment with the title & artist of a song you love.)
Tell me why you love it.

And I will listen. And maybe I will love it, too.

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The lovely Micaela, from Dolce Vita, tagged me to do this. And it's a good thing, cuz I haven't had anything particularly interesting to post about the past few days.

The rules: Post five things that make you feel fabulous/sexy/beautiful and then tag five others to do the same.

1. GREAT hair days. Not just good ones.

2. Stiletto heels. Particularly black ones.

3. Victoria Secret fragrances.

4. Sincere compliments that are not related to physical appearance.

5. Being comfortable in my own skin, even/especially in a swimsuit.

I tag YOU!

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{kellie} from The Paths My Eyes Wander Down
{katie} from From the Mind of Katie
{niki} from Chocolate, Cigarettes and Writer's Block

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