If I were to Tweet...

...Maybe these are the sorts of things I would say:

Exclamation points make me smile.
Except when they come after expletives.

Staying up late reading is a great way to deprive yourself of sleep, while simultaneously loving it.

Someday I want to have a wall in my house that I can paint/doodle/write/draw on anytime I please.

I haven't worked out in a very long time. Also, I eat junk. Granted, I don't eat much else.
This is still something I should work on.

I'm currently debating about a few things: purchasing an ipod, dyeing my hair, and my class schedule.

Firsts for this week: paying my tuition and having money left over, using my brand-spanking-new credit card, sandboarding in the dunes with my Mom & filming her sandboarding.

I need to either: stop reading about girls who live in NYC or find a way to get there.

I really love non-spam/newsletter/school-related emails.

Today my little brother stubbed his toe...because he kicked my shin.
All because I ate one of his orange Runts.

I hope I never get over the beauty of the Spanish language, especially when put to music.

I'm really aching to travel to a faraway place, with a one-way ticket, a swimsuit.
I think airports are fascinating; so many different people coming and going.
Adventures, just waiting to be found.
There really is nothing like falling into bed at the end of the day and getting to shut your eyes for hours and hours...

image via deviantart


Matt said...

Don't buy an ipod between now and September 9th! They're coming out with new ones then.

Katya said...

tehe, i write twitter/facebook posts/statuses in my head all the time. and i like all of yours a lot. don't dye your hair! it's such a pretty color, and it's such a pain to keep up with it once it's dyed. :)

Jayne said...

heehee, laura, you're adorable!

Kellie Rachelle said...

yay dye your hair! and airports are cool. but i'll never want to go to one again after I take at least 9 plane rides in the next 4 months. I think it will be 11 actually...