The lovely Micaela, from Dolce Vita, tagged me to do this. And it's a good thing, cuz I haven't had anything particularly interesting to post about the past few days.

The rules: Post five things that make you feel fabulous/sexy/beautiful and then tag five others to do the same.

1. GREAT hair days. Not just good ones.

2. Stiletto heels. Particularly black ones.

3. Victoria Secret fragrances.

4. Sincere compliments that are not related to physical appearance.

5. Being comfortable in my own skin, even/especially in a swimsuit.

I tag YOU!

{pepper} from Pepper Stitches
{jayne} from The Little Passenger
{kellie} from The Paths My Eyes Wander Down
{katie} from From the Mind of Katie
{niki} from Chocolate, Cigarettes and Writer's Block

image credit: stilettos


Micaela said...

i love your sexy list to pieces!!!

esp your #4. Sincere compliments that are not related to physical appearance.

i hear that.

you are BEAUTIFUL in a swimsuit! how fun is your suit too?! love ruffles. ruffles are sexy.

Josh said...

Oh yes! Definitely the Victoria Secret fragrances! Especially the ones that you open up and actually growl/purr back at you. Come on! What is NOT so SUPER RIDICULOUSLY sexy/beautiful/fabulous about that?

I agree with the Stiletto heels. I don't know what it is but I find them.... "interesting" on girls. I ALWAYS notice girls wearing them.

Love the picture. Good times. *sniff* Will you come back to me/us already?!

Niki said...

Ooh sorry I've been slack and only just discovered I'd been tagged! But I'll get to answering now! ;)

Thanks! :)