Yay for...

ice cream
CHEESE (lol)
Cold Stone
road trips
late night conversations that last forever
Vanilla Gorilla/thrifting in general
sweater vests haha
sexy heels that kill your feet:D
my parents..I love them
getting dressed up
dancing just for fun
country music (don't kill me LL!)
sweet songs that make me cry
southern accents
accents in general
ballroom dancing:D
sweat pants
disney movies
movies that make you feel good
ice skating
singing your heart out even if your voice cracks
laughing with friends
LL's noises (haha i ♥ them)
saturday morning cartoons
pogs:D (we need to bring those back)
warm blankets
rain pouring outside while I'm goin to sleep
Teenage mutant ninja turtles (especially Michaelangelo)

I decided that although there are a lot of people that HATE country music with a passion, I am not one of them. I used to not really like it, but I do now. Some of the sweetest songs ever are country songs..and I've been listening to 103.1 a bit more now. Not saying it's my favorite kind of music now, I don't really have a favorite, but I like it. Anyway...see you all later -LC:D

ps: Terri Clark-She didn't have time, George Strait-Check Yes or No
both WAY sweet.


Hap! Hap! Happy New Year!!!!

It's 2006!! Crazy...Like LL said...this year has gone by way fast. 2006 is the year I turn 18...ahh..I don't want to grow up. Pretty soon I'll be in a rockin chair..knitting pin cushions....ah! Lol. Well 2005 was a pretty good year. I mean every year has it's ups and downs, but this one was pretty good. I feel like I have a larger circle of friends...and of close friends. I don't know how much I've changed, as a person. Maybe I'm more outgoing. I think maybe I don't worry so much anymore. Especially about how I look. (I mean I still worry about that, I'm a girl lol...but hopefully not as much as before.) And I'm still workin on not caring what people think, but maybe I'm getting better at it. Who knows. I know that I've grown stronger church-wise this year, that my faith has been strengthened.

Well who knows what this year will bring. Hopefully something good:D. Thanks to all my friends, for bein there for me. Thanks for all the good times we had this year, especially this summer. Continue the memories this year and make it AWESOME!! Love you all so much!! -♥Laura