Yay for...

ice cream
CHEESE (lol)
Cold Stone
road trips
late night conversations that last forever
Vanilla Gorilla/thrifting in general
sweater vests haha
sexy heels that kill your feet:D
my parents..I love them
getting dressed up
dancing just for fun
country music (don't kill me LL!)
sweet songs that make me cry
southern accents
accents in general
ballroom dancing:D
sweat pants
disney movies
movies that make you feel good
ice skating
singing your heart out even if your voice cracks
laughing with friends
LL's noises (haha i ♥ them)
saturday morning cartoons
pogs:D (we need to bring those back)
warm blankets
rain pouring outside while I'm goin to sleep
Teenage mutant ninja turtles (especially Michaelangelo)

I decided that although there are a lot of people that HATE country music with a passion, I am not one of them. I used to not really like it, but I do now. Some of the sweetest songs ever are country songs..and I've been listening to 103.1 a bit more now. Not saying it's my favorite kind of music now, I don't really have a favorite, but I like it. Anyway...see you all later -LC:D

ps: Terri Clark-She didn't have time, George Strait-Check Yes or No
both WAY sweet.


Anonymous said...

"LL's noises (haha i ♥ them)"

hahahah...youve heard some good ones! esp at your oma's at 6 in the morning ...
or the timer at sarahs..:)

Diana Martínez said...

I heart heels.
I heart LL's noises and boobs.
Oh, and you know what, Laura? You are snoring right now. This is the best slogan ever:

"The Too Good To Hurry Pee."

Anonymous said...

you ♥ my boobs?!?!

well yeah.. i guess i ♥ yours too... man, last night was fun :)

LC-you went to sleep too early! you coulda partied with us!

Anonymous said...

thought you said you were gonna update soon.......

lone jew said...

lol i love the mer!!! even though it scared me half to death. but ya know what i love even more than the mer?!? and even more than chocolate!?! LAURA!! hehe here i'll write a song for you mr. bainbridge style. Laura es la mas bonita single past action! lol yes indeed! FACE FACE FACES SUSAN B. ANTHONY FACE!! HORSE MAN FACE!