Solar Therapy

On Monday, I slipped my hips into a favorite skirt, my feet into some sandals and grabbed my sunglasses and purse and walked up to campus.

After finishing up a few things at work, I munched on an apple as I sat on a wooden bench in the sunshine and let my mind unwind.

I went to the library and roamed the stacks, checking out an assortment of books for summer reading, and soaking in the beauty of no schedule.

After cat napping on my couch by the window for the better part of an hour, I decided to walk to the grocery store to purchase meat and cheese from the deli and fresh nine-grain bread from Shirley's bakery.

So I made a grilled cheese sandwich with swiss cheese and brown sugar ham on bread brushed with olive oil, basil and dijon mustard.

I watched Moneyball, in the summer heat of our living room and remembered that even after all these years, I still root for the underdog.

It was a day of sweet solitude, time to think and just be still. And in the absence of summer love, it was just enough.

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The Graduated Life

Apparently it takes major life events for me to feel inspired to write, but I've officially transitioned from saying "I'm studying Advertising..." to "I studied Advertising at BYU."

BYU was so good to me. I came to Provo as a freshman with a bit of an attitude not expecting to graduate from here. I thought I'd end up finishing school in Oregon or California, but I'm so glad I stayed.  It's been a fantastic experience, and it's hard to imagine college without the wonderful people with whom I've spent the past five years.

There are so many people who helped me get where I am today, and I would not be the same person without them.

Major shout outs to the boys next door, Hilamonster and the El Sal crew, the whole Adlab gang & creative trackies, the ballroom dancers, and the best roommates a girl could ask for (yes, all you now married ones).

To all my friends, faculty, family members, and church leaders, you are the best. Thank you for the time and effort you put into helping me fulfill my dreams and for believing in me even when I have doubted myself.

Here's to the chapter of life that includes real work not homework, exploring a new city, and true independence: scary and exciting as that may be.



Have you heard where I'll be spending my summer?

Well, the city that never sleeps is getting another night owl.  I'll be interning with an advertising agency from June to August, and I can't wait.

So all of you city folk should send your recommendations my way.  And if you'll be in town, let's play!