Solar Therapy

On Monday, I slipped my hips into a favorite skirt, my feet into some sandals and grabbed my sunglasses and purse and walked up to campus.

After finishing up a few things at work, I munched on an apple as I sat on a wooden bench in the sunshine and let my mind unwind.

I went to the library and roamed the stacks, checking out an assortment of books for summer reading, and soaking in the beauty of no schedule.

After cat napping on my couch by the window for the better part of an hour, I decided to walk to the grocery store to purchase meat and cheese from the deli and fresh nine-grain bread from Shirley's bakery.

So I made a grilled cheese sandwich with swiss cheese and brown sugar ham on bread brushed with olive oil, basil and dijon mustard.

I watched Moneyball, in the summer heat of our living room and remembered that even after all these years, I still root for the underdog.

It was a day of sweet solitude, time to think and just be still. And in the absence of summer love, it was just enough.

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