Coast to Coast

It's becoming increasingly apparent to me how much of a west coaster I really am. Just the other day I had the following conversation with my mother, with zero exaggeration.

Me: So I was thinking about the kinds of clothes I want to buy/bring with me for my internship this summer. And it hit me that...I can't wear shorts to work. 

Mom: Yeah, probably not.

Me: But it's summer...that's what you wear in the summer. (Granted, advertising is a pretty laid back industry, but probably not that laid back.) 

Mom: Well you'll just have to get some skirts.

Me: Yeah, it literally just hit me that there are professional businessmen and women who wear full black suits with jackets every day, even in the summer...

Mom: (laughs) Yeah, you definitely have the west coast casual vibe.

This is not to say that my mother didn't set a fabulous example of how to dress, that I didn't watch my father go to work every day in a tie, or that I didn't grow up attending church every week in my Sunday best, but let's just say that I'll be bringing my one pair of beige slacks, some summery skirts and a determination to scour the city for some thrifted "advertising cool" attire.

In other news, I'm really hoping to join a CSA for the summer and fill my little apartment in the city with fresh produce every week, and to indulge my way through each and every paycheck.

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amanda said...

haha, nice. Yeah, that is weird. When I worked it DC it was definitely weird being so dressed up and wearing dress pants in 90 degree weather. I should have bought more skirts. I would suggest h&m, but I'm sure you know that. And thrifted is good too. Also, that is just so exciting you're moving to nyc! I want to hear more about where you're living. Is it through the agency? sooo cool. enjoy it!!