The Almosts

She pulled out her glasses, took a good long look in the soul looking back at her in the mirror and wondered what she was doing wrong.

After all, she was the common denominator.

Three times she'd found a guy to dream about and dream with, and three times, he had almost wanted to dream with her, too.

She'd tried to be patient and understanding and flexible. She'd learned to hope and to have faith and to trust. And though she was better for every heartache and had kept her chin up and put on a good face, still, the human in her couldn't help but take at least part of the blame.

Those nagging questions of what more she might have done, what she could have done differently, still swimming laps in her mind.

She was almost enough to get him over his fear, his past relationship, his apathy.

But, for what it's worth, these almosts have meant more than the past five years' of flirting and first dates.

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