Long time...

Well hello again. I know I haven't posted in a very long time and for that I'm sorry. Anyway..school's been alright..I guess. I'm sick of all the work, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with the 879 page novel we have to read in History. Hopefully it won't be torture. Chemistry is alright so far, but I've heard that it stinks. Anyway...I went to the football game on Friday...lots of fun. Lots of Orange & Black and school spirit. Norissa and I are definitely dressin up for the Homecoming game. We're gonna go all out:D. oh yeah. It should be fun. Then today..I spent most of the day cleaning my room, it was a disaster. Quite the job. Then Gage, ryan, me, carl and eric saylor all went to Sizzler. It was fun. Carl called and was like "yeah we're goin to dinner, we're on our way to your house." lol I was like "haha ok". then Gage ryan and me went to Kortney's. Mormon party at her house:D lol. We played guesstures and sardines and then watched The Pacifier (w/Vin Diesel, good movie:D Vin Diesel is such a babe. lol" But Kort's dad had it set up like a drive in. cuz it was projectedon the side of her house..so we were all layin on the grass. it was so cold, so we all had blankets. It was really fun though. Well I'm gonna go to bed cuz I'm pretty tired. Goodnight all:D Sweet Dreams peace-Laura


Just a few random sidenotes...

Hey everybody...I'm at Sarah's right now, chillin with sarah, laura l and david. It's like 3:26 am. We're playin with this wax massage thingy sarah has lol. It's kinda fun. This post probably won't make any sense whatsoever. Anyway...we hung out at Kevin's for a little while tonight. We made s'mores then watched Shrek 2. Laura L has lost her mind lol..she's making no sense at all. I can't believe you-know-what is starting next week. It's depressing. I love the summer, staying up late and sleeping in. Movie nights, bonfires and swimming in the river. I'll miss it. Hopefully this year will be ok. I have some good teachers and hopefully I'll live through Chem 2 and Pre Cal. alrighty well I'm pretty tired. I'm going to go..to bed possibly. Good morning! xo-Laura:)

ps: Sarah wanted everybody to know that she has wax in her throat cavity.
pps: Laura L wants everybody to know she has wax on her finger.
ppps: David wants everybody to know "for the hive!"