It had been about a month.

She'd accepted the truth and had moved on without regret or hard feelings. Of all the times she'd mustered up some maturity, this was one of her best moments.

She wasn't bitter. Not in the least.
She wasn't angry.
She had been a little sad, but that's all. And that was over.

There was someone new. And maybe he was more than that someone else, but he wanted more of her. And that was the best part.

But she turned down the wrong hallway, earlier than usual before class and happened to pass that someone else.

Instinctively, she bowed her head and wondered if he'd notice her or say hi.

And he did. With a grin and a big wave, he said hello and a name. Her name.
Like nothing had happened.

Because technically, nothing had.

And she responded with a quick "Hey, how's it going?" that came out more cautious than casual.

Pit in the stomach. Heart beating faster. Shaky hands.

But, you know, it broke the ice. She'd been hoping to bump into him, to show him she was fine. After weeks of convincing him she's the girl that can stay friends, she finally had a chance to show him she really is.

And maybe that's what she really needed. To finally really completely let go.

And that feels so so good.


truth is who You are

"And it's not enough to just say, "I believe"
'Cause truth is that talk is cheap
So grace give me eyes to see

You came to take us back to the start
You came to touch the hardness of our hearts
You gave us truth that truth is who You are
It's who You are"

-Tenth Avenue North

I love this way of talking about the Atonement and Jesus Christ's mission. He didn't just teach truth, He is truth. And taking full advantage of His grace is doing our best to be like Him.

I made a Pandora station of this band a while back, to mix up my Sunday playlists, and I've gotta say, it's Monday and I'm still listening.

Listen to the whole song here.


I'm the girl

who tears up when the bride grabs the hand of that special gentleman and lets him escort her to the center of the floor; he holds her close and lets the ruffles of her ivory gown swish back and forth and halfway through the song when she places her head on his shoulder, he whispers those three special words, over and over, afraid she'll forget.

And when he gives her away to her new true love, he's choking back tears, and she thinks, for a moment, that might be the first time she's seen her father cry.

It gets me every time, and I'll be sure to wear waterproof mascara the day I'm the girl in the gown.



I'm the girl who waits until she's sure and by the time she knows, it's too late.

Sometimes I forget that life doesn't hold still just because I'm indecisive.

Maybe I fear regret of doing more than I fear regret of not doing.
Or maybe I fear success because I might not know how to handle it.

I'm good at heartache and disappointment. It's familiar and I know how I deal.

But for some reason, it's so difficult for me to believe that success will come. Maybe that's because I think I won't know what to do when it does.

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