I'm still here

I don't know why I've felt so uninspired to write on this blog lately, since I live in one of the most inspiring and interesting cities.

Anyway, this post is nothing more to say that I'm still here and sometime I'll get around to writing something meaningful and possibly more poetic.

For now, a list of current favorite things will have to suffice:

1. The Killers album "Battle Born." In its entirety. Either in the album order or on shuffle. It's an experience.
2. The New York Public Library. I don't think I've ever read for pleasure as regularly in my life as I do now. Browsing the shelves of the branch near my office is one of my favorite lunchtime pastimes.
3. My new apartment and roommates. I have my own room and bought big girl bedroom furniture. One of life's greatest joys right now is the knowledge that I can sleep smack in the middle of my full size bed and take up as much space as I want.
4. Sunshine in New York City and watching Bryant Park literally come back to life from its winter hibernation.
5. Making new friends, seeing people when they come to visit, and getting excited for old friends to move back to this city.
6. Green smoothies in the morning and frozen yogurt at night. It's all about balance.
7. Good girl talk sessions.
8. Brunch. This has got to be one of my absolute favorite parts of NYC culture.

It's warming up in this city and that means summer skirts and farmers markets and sun-dried hair and beach/lawn reading. Oh, this life I'm living in this city that is most of the time very normal and not like a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie does have its moments of magic, I'll admit.


The Impossible

A couple of friends and I went to see this on Friday night and it was an all-encompassing emotional powerhouse. I can't even think of the right words to describe it. Not only is the story incredibly moving, but the film was put together so well. I can't imagine how many production designers, makeup artists, and other crew members it took. 

Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor were absolutely fantastic. And the kids, oh my, the young actors who played the three boys did such a good job. 

I don't think I've ever been so emotionally affected by a film before. From about 10 minutes into the film, I lost it. It was heartbreaking to see such intense human suffering so close, but the experience was well worth all the tears. 

Go see it. It's an amazing, real story. 


Oh, city life

I used to try and write beautiful things on this blog.

And lately, I just haven't really felt the urge or inspiration, but somehow that has made me feel like I can't write the everyday ordinary details of my life.

Which is a shame, because the ordinary, everyday details are beautiful in their everyday, ordinary way.

The strangers I smile at on the subway.
The music I hear all around me through the street and subway musicians, the roar of the trains and the the steps of fellow New Yorkers. The hustle and bustle has a soundtrack that is all New York's own.

Sometimes, my out-of-town friends tell me my life here looks like a movie. My life isn't a movie, but there are definitely moments where it feels like one.

For example: You know how in timeless New York movies like You've Got Mail,* the background music in grocery stores and sandwich shops is always something by Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin?

Well, that really happens. And it's one of my favorite things about this city.

And other days a full-on a capella ensemble a la Pitch Perfect remixes it up on the subway all the way home. Aca-unbelievable.

That's all for now.

*Which, might I add, Nora Ephron said was her "love letter to the Upper West Side." How can you not love that?

PS: On a completely unrelated note, and I realize I'm pretty late to this party, but this has been on repeat:


I'm a sucker for an Oregon boy in flannel.


Once upon a time...

I used to write on this blog.

Somehow, after moving to New York City, the summer got busy and the fall and winter got busier and neither of those is a very good excuse, really, for never writing on this little blog, but somehow I haven't felt inspired to do so until now.

So welcome back, any of you who still follow.

Since it would be impossible to catch you up on everything that has happened in the past 8 months, here are some of the highlights:

I have made New York City my current home. After my internship this summer, I stuck around for a few weeks as a freelancer and then accepted my first, real world job offer. Woohoo!

I graduated from college! (This was made official after I finished my internship, although I participated in the April commencement ceremonies).

I survived Hurricane Sandy (and was very blessed to have been very unaffected personally) and volunteered with the cleanup efforts afterward. It was heartbreaking to see so many homes destroyed, but everything people say about the resilience and strength of New Yorkers is true. The people of this city are truly remarkable.

I've taken weekend or day trips to Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia. I'm still amazed at how much history and character this coast has to explore.

I went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! Lifelong dream: check

I planned and paid for my first real, PTO-using vacation. And yes, we went to Disney World. My best NYC homegirl Kirstin and I flew down to Orlando to visit my friend Alex for a weekend in January. We spent 3 days channeling our elementary school selves, riding rides, eating ice cream, soaking up Florida sunshine, and snapping pictures with Mickey Mouse. We even fit in a much-needed day trip to the beach. What a blast.

I have eaten my way through this fabulous city exploring new restaurants, museums, and interesting music venues, played for days in Central Park, found favorite bookstores and farmers markets, mastered the subway system, made some really great friends and discovered that this small-town girl can kick it with the big leagues.

Here's to the rest of this year, and many more to come!