I'm baaaaaaaack!!! woohoo!

Hey everybody! I'm back from EFY. I know you all missed me SOO much..lol. Wow I had so much fun though. An amazing experience. This year was my 3rd year goin to it and it's awesome every year. I met so many awesome kids and the leaders and counselors were great. It's such a cool feeling to be surrounded by youth from my church. We are united in our faith and our morals. The whole week was filled with awesome classes, fun games, dances, and great speakers. I am going to miss everybody I met there: Talisa, Megan, Hilly, Gramps, Rowdy Rex, Strong Sean, Colonel Cody, Bobby & Steven, and all the awesome counselors: Ryan, Jackie, Kirsten, Scott, Jimmy, and Katie. Even though I've only known them for a week, I feel like I've known some of them forever. The whole week was so uplifting and spiritual but really fun at the same time. I'm so glad I went. I learned so much. I love Mormon boys, they are so sweet. Our guys from our group came and sang to us and brought roses:D. It was really cute. Man I'll miss them. Well I'm going to go. love you all! ttyl bubye
peace;), Laura


Hey guys!!

Hey y'all! I'm not back yet, I'm still at EFY but they have computers we can use. Yeah I'm not gonna email back because I dont have that much time but I figured I'll post real quick. Anywho..I'm having an awesome time. Such a great experience. There are like 300 mormon kids all together. So much fun. Yeah tomorrow is our last full day so I will be back sometime Saturday. I'm excited. Then I leave for Girl's camp next Tues. I'm excited for that. I'll be on a "mormon high" hehe. But it's cool. Yeah the people here are soo nice and it's a lot of fun. We have a banquet and a dance tomorrow to end the week. I'll be soo sad I bet cuz I've made a bunch of new friends. A lot of them aren't too far away. (Portland area) Yeeeaahh..well I'll write more later but I miss all y'all! See you when I get back. Hey my mormon posse (if any of you are reading this) we should find something cool to do Saturday cuz Then I'll be back. Love you all!! xoxoxo bubye ;)

~Lil Laura:)


a night filled with Beranstain Bears, cold pizza and Lots of MSN.

Hey everybody,
I'm bored and it's 12:44 Sunday morning. Gosh that sounds weird. Yeah but today wasn't too exciting. I went into town. Then came home, babysat my little brother (I read him a beranstain bears story.), got on MSN way too much. Was super bored. Yeah well I'm leavin Monday (technically tomorrow) for EFY so I won't update until Saturday prolly. I'm excited though. I hope its' fun. Yeah..WEll this is super short but oh well. I'll talk to y'all later. xoxo to everybody. -Laura


The Lovely Life of Laura

Hello all y'all that are reading this. I'm just really bored so I felt like I'd post about...something. Anyway. I'm really excited for summer. I have a lot of plans for June/July so I'll be gone a lot, but it's going to be lots of fun. First off, next Monday I leave for Portland to go to EFY(Especially for Youth). It's a week-long camp thing for my church. I went to one last year and the year before. (They have them all over the U.S. the whole summer). It's an awesome experience. A whole week surrounded by hundreds of other kids that all basically believe the same thing. The counselors are AWESOME and the dances are soo much fun.
Next up, I'm off to Girl's camp (another church camp, w/just girls though, hence the name.) It's lots of fun. I'm sad cuz my friend Stacey won't be there this year but hopefully it will still be fun.
Then The next Sat (right after I get back from Girl's camp) Me, My mom, my sister and my little brother are leavin for Santa Barbara. The annual family reunion for 4th of July. It's lots of fun. Good food, family, the beach...gosh I love California. Maybe I'll get a tan hehe. Swimsuit season...oy...eh oh well..I'll try not to care.
Oh yeah I never blogged about Sarah's RAD party!! It was soo much fun. Nate and Kevin crack me up! I love you guys! Sarah, Em, Laura, Jenny, and all the girls are soo much fun. Nathan and all his buddies make Sarah's house extra fun. Silly boys. It was pretty funny when we were all in the hot tub w/our regular clothes on hehe.
Well now what to talk about...well I've realized something about boys and high school relationships...it just gets more confusing. I'm not looking for a boyfriend, because I think that I change my mind too much to make a commitment. I know a ton of guys that would be a blast to hang out with, and there are a few I'd especially like to hang out with. My friends call me fickle, and maybe I am. There isn't really any specific guy that I'm "in like" with right now, but there are a few that I would like to get to know better. I like talking to guys 'cause they always have a different perspective than girls. And boys make me laugh. haha. Well enough rambling...that's basically it though, i wish I had a bigger group of close guy friends. Maybe I can do something about that this summer. hmm..something to think about..well I'm out. peace-Laura;)


Top Ten Sweetest Movie Scenes

10. My Best Friend's Wedding: The cell phone scene at the end. (If you dont know what I'm talking about you should go watch the movie.)
9. Dirty Dancing: The last time Johnny and Baby dance.
8. Return to Me: When David Duchovny rides up on Grace's bike in Italy.
7. Never Been Kissed: When Sam/Mr. Coulsen finally runs onto the pitcher's mound. aww..
6. 13 Going on 30: pretty much the whole movie.
5. French Kiss: Then end when Luc surprises Kate on the plane.
4. Kate and Leopold: When Leopold takes Kate up on the roof and they dance.
3. A Walk to Remember: when Landon makes Jamie her rocket.
2. My Girl: When Vada and Thomas kiss.
1. Aladdin: The "A Whole New World" scene is sooo sweet.

Well there ya go. Hope you enjoyed. I really wanna go watch all those movies now. If only real life was like that. -Laura


A list of some sort

Things I Love: (in no specific order)
1. Warm clothes straight from the dryer.
2. Cute guys that say cute stuff.
3. Good conversation :D
4. Staying up late and sleeping in.
5. Compliments (that sounds snotty but who doesn't love compliments?)
6. Friends and fun
7. Hugs..especially bear hugs!
8. Happy endings.
9. That warm feeling you get after drinking really good hot cocoa.
10. Dancing
11. Curling up in really warm blankets and listening to the rain outside.
12. Catching raindrops/snowflakes on my tongue.
13. Dancing in the rain.
14. Awesome guy friends that make me laugh.
15. Girly parties when you watch chick flicks, eat junk, and burn off all the calories giggling all night.
16. Mormon parties! woohoo!
17. Chocolate
18. When a song comes on the radio that fits the mood I'm in perfectly.
19. Finding the perfect pair of jeans, on sale, in my size.
20. My family.

There are more things but I'm too lazy to think of them right now. Hehe. -Laura


Quiero un caballo pequeño con pelo rojo!!

Hola todos. Como estan ustedes? Yo escuche a Ace de Base con mi amia Kara. Fue muy divertido. Yo fui a Tyee en Viernes con muchas chicas. Kara y yo hablamos mucho. Pues...ayer yo fui a Iglesia con mi madre y mi hermano. Y mi hermana Christine vino a casa. Yo uso su computadora (laptop.) Ok enough spanish..I was gonna try and make this whole post in spanish but it didn't work so well. So yeah today was kinda boring. Finals stink and I'm definitely not wanting to take my finals tomorrow or the next day. I say we just get the whole school to sleep in. They can't fail everyone eh? haha. I wish. Anyway... So I'm feeling kind of bummed because my blog is less than special. Diana's blog is all deep and stuff w/lots of thought-provoking posts. Mallorie's is kinda the same way but mostly just random and stuff. Yeah I feel like my blog is too ditzy. :( But I'm not a very deep person anyway..so I'd probably sound stupider if I tried to think of something brilliant. Anywho..on to more ditziness. I'm listening to Ace of Base, the Cruel Summer cd. It's got some good songs on it. "Cecilia" is a fun one. hehe. Now onto something I've been thinking about for a while....boys. No I'm not going to go on and on about the boy problems that I am having. I just have been wondering something. Back in like the 50s and 60s and stuff people used to "date." I don't mean boyfriend/girlfriend. But it was ok for a girl to go to the movies with one guy one weekend and go bowling with another guy on a different weekend. Nowadays, it seems like teenagers are too caught up in "going out" with each other. It seems like this year that I haven't just liked one guy. I don't really like anyone right now. There are several possibilities, but no one that I dream about. Yeah..I've been feeling awfully fickle lately. I don't like it. Hmm...but I guess I can't really help it that much. Anyway...well this is enough of a ramble for now. More later. My main point was...dates are a good way to get to know others and they're fun. hehe. No I'm not begging. Heck no! Anyway..well I'm gonna go..hope u all enjoyed my uh..complaining..lol -peace, laura:)-


Me gusta mucho Ricky Martin...el es magnifico, y muy guapo.

So I am sitting at my computer, clearly procrastinating my homework. I am listening to a GREAT cd. It's becoming one of my favorites. The songs on it are beautiful, sweet, and not in English. Yes, as you all are probably noticed from the subject of this post, I am listening to Ricky Martin. I absolutely love this CD. "Vuelve" is what it's called. All the songs are in spanish and even though I don't understand them too well, spanish is such a beautiful language. I wish that I could speak it better. Anyway, Perdido Sin Ti is definitely one of my favorites along with others, but La Bomba and La Copa De La Vida son FANTASTICO! Man, I want to learn how to latin dance SOO bad. I learned a little bit on my cruise and since then I've wanted to learn even more. But yeah 16 year old boys that want to learn how to dance are hard to come by. Oh well. Just a thought for guys though...I'm not saying this as a hint..but most girls LOVE guys that can/will dance. It doesn't make you look like a wuss or a queer or something. It's definitely hot. :D Yeah anyway..just thought I'd say how much I love Ricky Martin. I honestly don't know how people can listen to awesome songs like "La Bomba" and "La Copa De La Vida" and NOT wanna get up and dance. Anywho...I love you ricky! maybe you can be my dance partner:D haha. well I'm out -luv u all, peace- Laura:)


BAD day

Alright so I was going to type in pink, but there is no pink font. That depresses me even more and adds to the bad day that I've had. So basically, (mally x's word haha I like it, it's fun) here's what happened:

1. Go to school w/Laura Leonard at 7:00 to finish up our English project that we were both working on until the wee hours of the morning.

2. Get to English late because we were working on the project until approximately 7:49.

3. Get my research paper back for English and realize how much of an idiot I am and that I can't write worth beans. Feel a little depressed about myself.

4. Go to 2nd period. Choir. The easy carefree class right? With the sub that doesn't care what we do right? With no assignments because this year in choir has been heck with all the teachers we've had and drama/trauma we've had to go through right???? NO! We have to watch Amadeus which I personally don't like so far. And not only watch it, but take notes and tomorrow we have to write a one to two page paper on it. It's a stupid movie that makes Mozart look like and idiot with a crude mind and about the maturity of a 9th grade boy. (no offense to any freshman..there are exceptions.) At least that's what I got from it.

5. Go to Biology and work on my PowerPoint Presentation in the Tech Lab.. feel like even more of an IDIOT because Mia is almost done and I'm on my second slide. go laura...this day just keeps getting better.

6. Finally Lunch! Almuerzo! Time to socialize and relieve stress right? No time to almost get tripped by Kevin while trying to heat up my lasagna (my favorite food, by the way.) Anyway it wouldn't have been that big of a deal but I was already ticked off from the previous part of my day. I swear if Kevin had succeeded in tripping me and I had spilled my lasagna all over the floor, I would've either SLAPPED Kevin soo hard or burst into tears. But I went off on Kevin and told him NOT to mess with me. then everybody did the whole "whisper whisper laura's in a bad mood" thing.. I HATE that. grr!

7. Then I went to 4th per. which was wellness. Not too bad.

8. 5th per. was spanish. That was prolly the most fun period of the day. The guys in that class crack me up.. haha Nick, Adam, Kam, The Seans lol. Funny Fellas haha.

9. Math Math Math! I hate math with a PASSION! We spent the class reviewing for the final..I'm going to do bad on it. and hten I'll get ANOTHER B so I cna't even be salutatorian Joy. and I found out I have 4 missing assignments. Yeah that's always good.

Anyway it was a sucky day but I felt better after school. I went to Rite Aid w/my mom because she had to get some stuff. and I got an Aquafina cuz I was postitively parched. And then it started POURING outside...definitely my favorite kind of rain. I love just dancing around or playing in the rain and getting DRENCHED. Yeah I'm such an Oregon girl. Anyway..I feel a lot better after all that venting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Ttyl peace:) -laura


Randomnity..no I did NOT mean randomNESS....p.s. COME TO MY RECITAL 7pm at UCC and I will LOVE you forever!

Aloha all!
Well I need to update but I dont know what to write about. My dance recital is tomorrow. I'm excited but kind of sad too. I'll end up missing dance over the summer. Except Rickett's will be fun:D. hmm...I went to Norissa's dance recital w/Laura L tonight. It was fun..Watching other people dance always gets me in the mood again and makes me um..I guess more motivated to dance. I know I'm going to miss dance a ton when I get to college..I'll prolly still keep dancing (hopefully!) but it won't be the same without all our dancer buddies. I really want to learn how to ballroom dance. Man that'd be awesome. Latin dancing is definitely the best. I know a little bit of a lot of different kinds of ballroom (salsa, merengue, swing, waltz, polka, foxtrot) but I just know the basics and a few cool lifts/dips. Yeah anyway...enough about that.
Boys are once again confusing me. Typical for me. But just to vent about a few select things:
A) There are a few boys I might like, but idk and I hate liking more than one guy at a time.
B) There is a boy I haven't seen in a long time that I miss a lot. He's a pretty close guy friend and we need to hang out more. But he has work and stuff. Hopefully, come summer, we'll have more time:D.
C) I hate the way I am around guys sometimes...I'm either too shy or too giggly, or too annoying or something. I'm not one of those girls that's just carefree and confident and can walk up and be all cute and stuff..grr.. I close in and get shy.
D) I hate how un-athletic I am. I can't even catch a fetchin football. I feel like a wimp and a priss.

Alright enough venting. I'm really not a depressed person..I'm very happy and I love life..I just get self-conscious really easily and I worry WAY too much about how I look and what other people think. I'm workin on it. I miss all my buddies from last year..Nate and I decided we need to have a "bash" haha w/all our buddies from last year:D. Well I'm out. -peace:)-