Hey guys!!

Hey y'all! I'm not back yet, I'm still at EFY but they have computers we can use. Yeah I'm not gonna email back because I dont have that much time but I figured I'll post real quick. Anywho..I'm having an awesome time. Such a great experience. There are like 300 mormon kids all together. So much fun. Yeah tomorrow is our last full day so I will be back sometime Saturday. I'm excited. Then I leave for Girl's camp next Tues. I'm excited for that. I'll be on a "mormon high" hehe. But it's cool. Yeah the people here are soo nice and it's a lot of fun. We have a banquet and a dance tomorrow to end the week. I'll be soo sad I bet cuz I've made a bunch of new friends. A lot of them aren't too far away. (Portland area) Yeeeaahh..well I'll write more later but I miss all y'all! See you when I get back. Hey my mormon posse (if any of you are reading this) we should find something cool to do Saturday cuz Then I'll be back. Love you all!! xoxoxo bubye ;)

~Lil Laura:)

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