a night filled with Beranstain Bears, cold pizza and Lots of MSN.

Hey everybody,
I'm bored and it's 12:44 Sunday morning. Gosh that sounds weird. Yeah but today wasn't too exciting. I went into town. Then came home, babysat my little brother (I read him a beranstain bears story.), got on MSN way too much. Was super bored. Yeah well I'm leavin Monday (technically tomorrow) for EFY so I won't update until Saturday prolly. I'm excited though. I hope its' fun. Yeah..WEll this is super short but oh well. I'll talk to y'all later. xoxo to everybody. -Laura


laurleo said...

hmmmm talked to you on msn til like 3 a.m... wow.. i love how i just didnt sleep last night.. at all :) still going though! have fun at camp!

Laura Loo said...

lol yeah you got off and on like 5 times.. Silly girl. You seriously didn't sleep a wink? That sucks. you'll proly crash tonight. Sleep in:D bubye