I'm baaaaaaaack!!! woohoo!

Hey everybody! I'm back from EFY. I know you all missed me SOO much..lol. Wow I had so much fun though. An amazing experience. This year was my 3rd year goin to it and it's awesome every year. I met so many awesome kids and the leaders and counselors were great. It's such a cool feeling to be surrounded by youth from my church. We are united in our faith and our morals. The whole week was filled with awesome classes, fun games, dances, and great speakers. I am going to miss everybody I met there: Talisa, Megan, Hilly, Gramps, Rowdy Rex, Strong Sean, Colonel Cody, Bobby & Steven, and all the awesome counselors: Ryan, Jackie, Kirsten, Scott, Jimmy, and Katie. Even though I've only known them for a week, I feel like I've known some of them forever. The whole week was so uplifting and spiritual but really fun at the same time. I'm so glad I went. I learned so much. I love Mormon boys, they are so sweet. Our guys from our group came and sang to us and brought roses:D. It was really cute. Man I'll miss them. Well I'm going to go. love you all! ttyl bubye
peace;), Laura


farfromcompton said...

Sounds fun,
Now that your back we for sure gotta get the group together. Im thinkin floating the river. cool stuff. later

Diana Martinez said...

Hey Laura,

You are one silly girl!