Top Ten Sweetest Movie Scenes

10. My Best Friend's Wedding: The cell phone scene at the end. (If you dont know what I'm talking about you should go watch the movie.)
9. Dirty Dancing: The last time Johnny and Baby dance.
8. Return to Me: When David Duchovny rides up on Grace's bike in Italy.
7. Never Been Kissed: When Sam/Mr. Coulsen finally runs onto the pitcher's mound. aww..
6. 13 Going on 30: pretty much the whole movie.
5. French Kiss: Then end when Luc surprises Kate on the plane.
4. Kate and Leopold: When Leopold takes Kate up on the roof and they dance.
3. A Walk to Remember: when Landon makes Jamie her rocket.
2. My Girl: When Vada and Thomas kiss.
1. Aladdin: The "A Whole New World" scene is sooo sweet.

Well there ya go. Hope you enjoyed. I really wanna go watch all those movies now. If only real life was like that. -Laura


laurleo said...

real life sucks

Laura Loo said...

tru dat. lol

Mallorie said...

You're right. You listed some of the best chick flicks EVER. And I love of those scenes (at least the ones I've seen)!

Laura Loo said...

Yeah I was thinkin about those movies and I figured eh why not make a list? so I did..hehe..