Me gusta mucho Ricky Martin...el es magnifico, y muy guapo.

So I am sitting at my computer, clearly procrastinating my homework. I am listening to a GREAT cd. It's becoming one of my favorites. The songs on it are beautiful, sweet, and not in English. Yes, as you all are probably noticed from the subject of this post, I am listening to Ricky Martin. I absolutely love this CD. "Vuelve" is what it's called. All the songs are in spanish and even though I don't understand them too well, spanish is such a beautiful language. I wish that I could speak it better. Anyway, Perdido Sin Ti is definitely one of my favorites along with others, but La Bomba and La Copa De La Vida son FANTASTICO! Man, I want to learn how to latin dance SOO bad. I learned a little bit on my cruise and since then I've wanted to learn even more. But yeah 16 year old boys that want to learn how to dance are hard to come by. Oh well. Just a thought for guys though...I'm not saying this as a hint..but most girls LOVE guys that can/will dance. It doesn't make you look like a wuss or a queer or something. It's definitely hot. :D Yeah anyway..just thought I'd say how much I love Ricky Martin. I honestly don't know how people can listen to awesome songs like "La Bomba" and "La Copa De La Vida" and NOT wanna get up and dance. Anywho...I love you ricky! maybe you can be my dance partner:D haha. well I'm out -luv u all, peace- Laura:)


laurleo said...

si, y muy guapo

Diana Martínez said...

Hey Laura! I'm tired. I can't sleep. Love ya bud!