The Lovely Life of Laura

Hello all y'all that are reading this. I'm just really bored so I felt like I'd post about...something. Anyway. I'm really excited for summer. I have a lot of plans for June/July so I'll be gone a lot, but it's going to be lots of fun. First off, next Monday I leave for Portland to go to EFY(Especially for Youth). It's a week-long camp thing for my church. I went to one last year and the year before. (They have them all over the U.S. the whole summer). It's an awesome experience. A whole week surrounded by hundreds of other kids that all basically believe the same thing. The counselors are AWESOME and the dances are soo much fun.
Next up, I'm off to Girl's camp (another church camp, w/just girls though, hence the name.) It's lots of fun. I'm sad cuz my friend Stacey won't be there this year but hopefully it will still be fun.
Then The next Sat (right after I get back from Girl's camp) Me, My mom, my sister and my little brother are leavin for Santa Barbara. The annual family reunion for 4th of July. It's lots of fun. Good food, family, the beach...gosh I love California. Maybe I'll get a tan hehe. Swimsuit season...oy...eh oh well..I'll try not to care.
Oh yeah I never blogged about Sarah's RAD party!! It was soo much fun. Nate and Kevin crack me up! I love you guys! Sarah, Em, Laura, Jenny, and all the girls are soo much fun. Nathan and all his buddies make Sarah's house extra fun. Silly boys. It was pretty funny when we were all in the hot tub w/our regular clothes on hehe.
Well now what to talk about...well I've realized something about boys and high school relationships...it just gets more confusing. I'm not looking for a boyfriend, because I think that I change my mind too much to make a commitment. I know a ton of guys that would be a blast to hang out with, and there are a few I'd especially like to hang out with. My friends call me fickle, and maybe I am. There isn't really any specific guy that I'm "in like" with right now, but there are a few that I would like to get to know better. I like talking to guys 'cause they always have a different perspective than girls. And boys make me laugh. haha. Well enough rambling...that's basically it though, i wish I had a bigger group of close guy friends. Maybe I can do something about that this summer. hmm..something to think about..well I'm out. peace-Laura;)


laurleo said...

any ice cream runs planned for the summer...? that last one didnt really count :)

Laura Loo said...

lol yeah we only walked halfway. Hmm Prolly sometime in July orsomething when I'm not so busy and it's super hot. We definitely need to get a big group of people and do like the Pepsi float or something.

laurleo said...