A list of some sort

Things I Love: (in no specific order)
1. Warm clothes straight from the dryer.
2. Cute guys that say cute stuff.
3. Good conversation :D
4. Staying up late and sleeping in.
5. Compliments (that sounds snotty but who doesn't love compliments?)
6. Friends and fun
7. Hugs..especially bear hugs!
8. Happy endings.
9. That warm feeling you get after drinking really good hot cocoa.
10. Dancing
11. Curling up in really warm blankets and listening to the rain outside.
12. Catching raindrops/snowflakes on my tongue.
13. Dancing in the rain.
14. Awesome guy friends that make me laugh.
15. Girly parties when you watch chick flicks, eat junk, and burn off all the calories giggling all night.
16. Mormon parties! woohoo!
17. Chocolate
18. When a song comes on the radio that fits the mood I'm in perfectly.
19. Finding the perfect pair of jeans, on sale, in my size.
20. My family.

There are more things but I'm too lazy to think of them right now. Hehe. -Laura

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