Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!

Hey everyone. Sarah's house last night was super fun! I love Disney movies:). Aladdin's probably my favorite, but Little Mermaid is good too..except conner kinda ruined it. lol just kidding. Anyway...I love parties at Sarah's. After all the guys left it was fun, we went in the hot tub and watched TV:D It was me, Laura, sarah, em, rachel, jenny, talana and angela. I agree w/ Laura, yay for friends! Then this morning Laura and I went to Henry's for a donut run:D. Yum! and Chocolate milk:D. Then we watched some more disney movies:D. yay..happy turkey day to everyone! Eat food! peace-LC

Shout outs:
~Everybody at the party last night, you guys are awesome:D Luv you all!
~LL cuz she's like one of the 2 people taht read this lol. We're always so hyper when we're together.
~Guy friends that crack me up:D



Well well well..This week went by fairly fast, considering it was a 2 day school week. Gotta love those. The 5 day weekend is going by fast too though, which is a bummer. Wednesday night at Katelyn's was lots of fun. I had to get up really early today though. Kids from my church went and put up flags at the VA, since it's Veteran's Day. Even though it was at 6:30 in the morning, we still had fun. And we got donuts afterwards. I'm not sure if I'm goin to the playoff game at RHS tonight. I might go to the Glide one instead w/Kortney. Or I might stay home and read my history book considering I'm sposed to read until at least 372 by monday and I'm on 180. Yeeeahh..lol. It's a good book though. I don't have dance today, which is nice. We decided to take the weekend off, and I'm glad. But I kind of wish we still had tango, because Marshall wasn't there on Wednesday and we still need to practice. I think ballroom dancing is my favorite style of dance. The tango class has been a blast so far, and any time that I've done swing or latin it's been really fun. Well this one's pretty short...as are most of my posts. lol. ttfn -L:)



No, I'm not actually sick. I don't have a cold or the flu or a stomachache. But I'm sick of stress and school and guys that confuse the heck out of me and make me swoon all at the same time. I'm sick of how messy my room is and how I haven't written in my journal in forever. I'm sick of my priorities being warped. Like now, I should be doing homework or reading my history book, but I'm not. I'll do it later...maybe. I'm sick of feeling like life is passing me by and I'm missing it. I try and not rush things but it's hard. I'm sick of feeling like I'm not good at anything...I hate how I compare myself to other people. I know that there's always going to be someone prettier, skinnier, a better dancer, a better singer etc. That's just life. I try not to care what people think, and to just be happy being me, but it's hard. And the boy thing, it seems like I'm always confused by them. I wish for once in my life I could get my heart and my mind to agree with each other.

On a happier note...I love my friends. You guys are awesome.
Shout outs to:
>Sarah, Em, Laura and Jenny. Thursday night was a blast:D We'll definitely do that again:D
>The mormons:D Today was fun:D Katelyn you crack me up. :D Becca and Kara, I love you girls:D

Well that's all for now..leave comments:D I love comments. ~Laura