Food for Naught

Tonight I had resentment and regret for dinner,
With a side of self pity and a big glass of "woe is me."
The pièce de résistance was a whopping slice of humble pie, for dessert, of course.
I crunched and chewed and chomped until there was nothing left.
And then vomited my frustrations out of my timid brown eyes.

And now I have that slightly sick feeling of doubt, self doubt.
And wondering where and how to begin again.

I'm thinking about brewing some hope for tomorrow,
If my stomach is settled by then.
But it's kind of temperamental at the moment.

image via deviantart


Niki said...


Micaela said...

i love this post. i love honesty and you know what laura? sometimes it's okay to have these kind of "dinners" as long as you do brew some hope. And if tomorrow happens to not be so much better... make that reservation for two. I'll be there. xo

Jayne said...

Huggles! and lots of Love! <3

Worry not, Laura, dear. Micaela's right - these dinners happen, and it's what you do after the dinners that count. :) Chin up, lady friend. And when you get my mix CD {which should be fairly soon}, think of it as my little musical embrace for you! xxxx Jayne

Katya said...

laura, i'm so sorry. i hope your week goes up from here. :(

pepper said...

mm, hope-in-a-cup. i hope your stomach has settled, great post
x Pepper