Take your pick.

Ballroom dance is sort of like:

a) an abusive boyfriend that I love too much to leave.
b)Edward Cullen--perfect, enough that I never feel quite worthy of it.
c) the carrot in front of the horse--just tempting enough to make me look like an idiot chasing it.

And now, cast your vote...

I should now spend my "spare" time:
a) learning to play the guitar.
b) focusing solely on my schoolwork
c) dancing on my own, in preparation for another game of "who's good enough for Gold Latin?"
d) all of the above? would I die from that?

Ok. I'm done wallowing. I'm so moving on. Honest.

Also. I need to go job-hunting tomorrow. Ugh.


Matt said...

Guitar. With some homework. Ballroom dancing alone isn't only lonely, it also looks strange to all observers.

brown eyed girl said...

haha, very true. Thanks, Matt. :)

Katya said...

laura i'm so sorry...i think some semesters are just harder than others when it comes to auditioning for classes. believe me, you are MORE than qualified for gold latin. i think you should play the guitar because then mine will actually get some use. :)
and maybe...don't give up on ballroom yet....? what can i say, i'm a bit biased.

Kellie Rachelle said...

whatever matt, ballroom isn't lonely, and maybe it's a little strange but it's AWESOME!
Don't ever give up Laura. One day we will all be at least at the lowest level we hope to achieve as long as we keep trying.

Matt said...

I still think that if you want dance all by yourself you should do interpretive or ballet or really any dance that wasn't designed to be done with a partner. Although Kellie does know more about dance than I do.

Josh said...

My vote's for guitar! :) I'm teachin! ;)

And don't give up on dance. Do what your heart wants to do but do it for you, not for any other girl, any competition, any pride driven factor, any self-worth factor either! Do what your heart wants to do because it's the very thing at your core. Forget everything and everyONE else.

Love ya Laura!

brown eyed girl said...

All I can say is: I have awesome friends :).

Matt-haha, I would love to do jazz...did it for 15 years :). I meant dancing with a partner, but just not in a class. But hey..I can rumba by myself too.

Katie-thanks for having a guitar I'm allowed to try and play. It doesn't quite sound like music yet, but it will.

Kellie-I'm not giving up...I just am figuring out what I need to do for me this semester, not for Brent Keck or the BYU ballroom company.

Josh-Sounds like a plan. :)

Thanks guys, for believing in me. It really means a lot.

pepper said...

umm. i pick.. all of them. not too much. see if you can do two at once :)
your friends are ace!
x Pepper