I have nothing in particular to say, and will therefore compose yet another list

This week feels like a never-ending Monday so far. Except for the hilarious hour and a half spent watching "The Dinner Game" with Katie's French Club (I highly recommend it. The movie. Not the game.), I spent the whole day getting ready for class, doing homework, going to class, and studying for a test. Oh and then I ate precisely 3 otter pops (green, red, blue, in that order. In case you were randomly curious.) at La Casa, and spilled precisely 2 of them on my jeans.


Guess what else? I have an assignment due in the morning for which I have only a heading and title.

Blogging/writing is such a guilty pleasure. How come it is all I want to do when I have so much else to get done?

Tomorrow will be...
...exciting. My standard (dance) shoes came in the mail and I get to dance in them for the first time tomorrow!
...3 days before my birthday.
...hump day :) (halfway done with the week!)
...fun? hopefully?
...the day before Britt comes into town.
...a day to learn how to strum on the guitar? {update on this post: I can now decently play a few songs, but only with chords splattered intermittently throughout.}
...a day to brown bag it? (or more accurately, red bag it. I just bought a lunchbag for the lovely price of $2.99)
...a day for confidence, because I can always use a little extra ummph (does anyone actually know how to spell "ummph"?)

That's all for now.

Goodnight world.

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pepper said...

oh i like lists too. yours is a nice one. x Pepper

Josh said...

Love it! You're always welcome to come and spill more Otter Pops at La Casa! :) Next time we can play some Rock Band AND spill Otter pops. Now that sounds like a nice night.

OH! And DO come over so I can help you with guitar! I was "that guy" for at least a little while. Doesn't mean I've lost the talent. ;)

dramaspice said...

I'm coming to see you!! :D I love visiting.. you're my favorite..xoxo

dramaspice said...
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