To Do:

-read 4 New York Times front pages and take a quiz before midnight tonight.
-Try not to stress about all that I have to do tonight/this week.
-finish watching "Doubt" with Katie.
-read many, many articles about early American Christianity and respond.
-FIND A JOB (preferably, that does not involve food unless tips are also involved)
-sleep, eventually.
-do my foxtrot critique for my dance class.
-keep practicing how to not stink at using computers.
-finish reading Ch. 5 and study for Advertising; Test #1: Thursday.
-practice the few chords I know on the guitar.
-eat food.
-go to many, many hours of review sessions/study groups/team meetings for Advertising BEFORE Thursday.

...and yes, I'm blogging. Oh boy. It's gonna be an interesting week.


amanda and dave said...

oh boy. good luck. like the new layout!

dramaspice said...

yeah.. I hear ya. My list is never ending.. I don't even know where to begin

Matt said...

You have inspired me to guitar it up. Right now. Good luck with everything!

Meg Fee said...

ah ha, so much to do--yes, don't forget to sleep and eat!

Mandy said...

I know how that feels...

Good luck!