Hello again.
Well life hasn't been super exciting as of late. But I figured I'd post anyway..Lately I've realized how much I love good conversation. It really says a lot about a person if you can talk to them for hours and not get bored. I've always loved the saying "Marry someone you love to talk to, because when looks fade away, conversation is left." or something like that.
Hmm...Fair is coming up. That should be fun. I can't believe Summer is more than halfway over. That's so depressing. I don't want school to start again. I don't want to be a Junior yet. I feel so old. I'm going to be 17 in less than 3 months. Man... to all of my fellow Juniors..we have to make this year count. We only have 2 years left and I don't want to waste them. We have to make this year UNFORGETTABLE.
Once again I can't think of anything interesting to post about. It seems like all my posts are pretty short and meaningless. Life has been treating me fairly well lately. Even in the boy department lol. Life has been pretty fun lately. Not super exciting, but i've really grown to appreciate my friends. I love all of you guys. I think my circle of friends has gotten bigger this year and the friends that I had before have become closer. Hmm..well I couldn't make this post much longer than the others but oh well. I'm off to bed..actually probably not but oh well. peace -Laura


Catchin up..

Hey everybody..it's been a while. Sorry I haven't been updating..it seems like no one is. So anyway...not too much super exciting has been happening. 2 important events have occured though. My car wreck, and getting my wisdom teeth out. I got in a car wreck last monday..and so I no longer have the privelege of driving my sweet Penelope, my minivan. I was driving on Heydon Road off of Melqua and I slid ont he gravel, went off the road and hit a tree. Very Scary. Luckily I was ok and no one else was in the car. Second, today I got my wisdom teeth out. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The shot was the worst part. Then they gave me lots of drugs so I was knocked out basically for the whole procedure. I didn't swell up too bad so I might still go to the halfshell tomorrow night. Who knows..Hmm..well yeah I'll try and update more:D ttyl bubye



a survey of sorts..

Thirteen random things you like:
2.Good Long Conversations
3.My Family
4.Friends that are always there for you
6.Sweet boys:)
7.Chocolate Brownie Thunder Ice Cream
9.Pouring Rain.
10.Sleepovers :D w/junk food and good movies
12.the First and Last days of school.
13.Comments on my blog haha..

Twelve movies I love:
1.Never Been Kissed
2.Matchstick Men
3.National Treasure
4.The Little Mermaid
6.13 Going on 30
7.Kate and Leopold
8.The Best Two Years
9.The Princess Diaries
10.Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
11.My Girl
12.Return to Me

Eleven good bands/artists:
1.Bruce Springsteen
2.The Beatles
3.The Beach Boys
4.Jackson 5/Michael Jackson
5.The Eagles
6.The Steve Miller Band
7.CCR (Creedence clearwater Revival)
8.Collin Raye
9.Steven Kellogg and the Sixers!!
11.Gin Blossoms..hehe

Ten things about you... physically:
1.Brown eyes
2.I look tan...in the dark lol
3.Dancer feet
4."Latino" butt (as Norissa called it)
5.Long Hair
6.5'5 1/2"
7.Birthmark on my right arm
8.I've got guns...psh I wish
9.Strong legs
10."Garbonzo bean toes" as kellen called them.

Nine good friends: (NOT in ABC order)
5.the Taylor boys
9.the Stokes

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
4.Peanut butter
5.Orange Soda
6.Mexican Food
7.Italian Food
8.Chips and Salsa

Seven things you wear daily:
2.My CTR ring
3.Currently my EFY wristband
4.Underwear lol
5.Shoes..most of the time
6.Makeup..most of the time
7.Jeans almost always

Six things that annoy you:
1.Fights for no reason
2.when you get on MSN Messenger and nobody is on.
3.People that are OVERLY vocal about their opinions..especially when it comes to politics.
4.People that chew with their mouth open.
5.People that use profanity when it doesn't apply, extremely often, or for no reason at all.
6.Rude people

Five things you touch everyday:
1.My hair
2.My eyes to put contacts in
3.A Keyboard lol most likely
4.My Cell phone
5.My bed

Four shows you watch on tv:
1.American Dreams(even though its not on anymore)
2.Fresh Prince of Bel Air
3.Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
4.Full house

Three celebrities that are cool:
1.Drew Barrymore
2.Amanda Bynes
3.Steve Martin

Two people on xanga that you have kissed:
1. What's Xanga?
2. Nobody
One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. I'll get back to you on that one...


Wow..it's been a while.

Hello all,
Yeah I know I haven't posted in a LONG time. Well Girls camp (church camp) was a blast! I had a great time. And then I went to California. Got a little tan:D. That was fun. I love the beach and the sun. I'm a california girl at heart, I think I got that from my mom. It was fun to hang out with all my cousins and stuff too. My cousin Billy is so fun. He's like 26 and is married. He and his wife Mandi are lots of fun. They brought their friend Darcy too. He cracks me up. He's like David Spade's TWIN. It's crazy. He's such a goofball.
Yeah and grafitti (gosh I can never spell that word, soo frustrating) is tonight. It should be fun. My mom always tells me how "Roseburg" I am. lol So what if Fair and Grafitti night are the highlights of my summer. I'm not TOO much of a redneck. hehe. Yeah well this post isn't too long I'll maybe write more later:D Love to all! xoxo peace;) -Laura