Hello again.
Well life hasn't been super exciting as of late. But I figured I'd post anyway..Lately I've realized how much I love good conversation. It really says a lot about a person if you can talk to them for hours and not get bored. I've always loved the saying "Marry someone you love to talk to, because when looks fade away, conversation is left." or something like that.
Hmm...Fair is coming up. That should be fun. I can't believe Summer is more than halfway over. That's so depressing. I don't want school to start again. I don't want to be a Junior yet. I feel so old. I'm going to be 17 in less than 3 months. Man... to all of my fellow Juniors..we have to make this year count. We only have 2 years left and I don't want to waste them. We have to make this year UNFORGETTABLE.
Once again I can't think of anything interesting to post about. It seems like all my posts are pretty short and meaningless. Life has been treating me fairly well lately. Even in the boy department lol. Life has been pretty fun lately. Not super exciting, but i've really grown to appreciate my friends. I love all of you guys. I think my circle of friends has gotten bigger this year and the friends that I had before have become closer. Hmm..well I couldn't make this post much longer than the others but oh well. I'm off to bed..actually probably not but oh well. peace -Laura


Mallorie said...

Laura Z (kiahackaloonamey!),
(I've become really addicted to making up new sounds every time I type that.) I'm not sure what to write, but I know I want to write something. So...


-Mally X (ha!)

Laura Loo said...

Mally X! (HA!!!) Well your sound is a lot easier to type (and spell for that matter) But I still I like the Laura Z sound.


me said...