a survey of sorts..

Thirteen random things you like:
2.Good Long Conversations
3.My Family
4.Friends that are always there for you
6.Sweet boys:)
7.Chocolate Brownie Thunder Ice Cream
9.Pouring Rain.
10.Sleepovers :D w/junk food and good movies
12.the First and Last days of school.
13.Comments on my blog haha..

Twelve movies I love:
1.Never Been Kissed
2.Matchstick Men
3.National Treasure
4.The Little Mermaid
6.13 Going on 30
7.Kate and Leopold
8.The Best Two Years
9.The Princess Diaries
10.Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
11.My Girl
12.Return to Me

Eleven good bands/artists:
1.Bruce Springsteen
2.The Beatles
3.The Beach Boys
4.Jackson 5/Michael Jackson
5.The Eagles
6.The Steve Miller Band
7.CCR (Creedence clearwater Revival)
8.Collin Raye
9.Steven Kellogg and the Sixers!!
11.Gin Blossoms..hehe

Ten things about you... physically:
1.Brown eyes
2.I look tan...in the dark lol
3.Dancer feet
4."Latino" butt (as Norissa called it)
5.Long Hair
6.5'5 1/2"
7.Birthmark on my right arm
8.I've got guns...psh I wish
9.Strong legs
10."Garbonzo bean toes" as kellen called them.

Nine good friends: (NOT in ABC order)
5.the Taylor boys
9.the Stokes

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
4.Peanut butter
5.Orange Soda
6.Mexican Food
7.Italian Food
8.Chips and Salsa

Seven things you wear daily:
2.My CTR ring
3.Currently my EFY wristband
4.Underwear lol
5.Shoes..most of the time
6.Makeup..most of the time
7.Jeans almost always

Six things that annoy you:
1.Fights for no reason
2.when you get on MSN Messenger and nobody is on.
3.People that are OVERLY vocal about their opinions..especially when it comes to politics.
4.People that chew with their mouth open.
5.People that use profanity when it doesn't apply, extremely often, or for no reason at all.
6.Rude people

Five things you touch everyday:
1.My hair
2.My eyes to put contacts in
3.A Keyboard lol most likely
4.My Cell phone
5.My bed

Four shows you watch on tv:
1.American Dreams(even though its not on anymore)
2.Fresh Prince of Bel Air
3.Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
4.Full house

Three celebrities that are cool:
1.Drew Barrymore
2.Amanda Bynes
3.Steve Martin

Two people on xanga that you have kissed:
1. What's Xanga?
2. Nobody
One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1. I'll get back to you on that one...

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