I'm puttin my dreams on the line and praying that they won't get stuck

This is a little late.

But this is my Advertising Application Video.

Many thanks to Natalie who was willing to be me for a few shots, Josh for shooting the whole thing in 3 hours on a Saturday, Bob and Janssen for helping with the editing, and thanks to the Advertising Program for liking it.

I heart you all. Seriously.

ps: It worked :)


amanda and dave said...

OH my gosh! That was so good! i LOVED it! congrats!

Jennifer--flavorsoftheumpqua said...

That was perfect for you! Hey, is that the scarf I knit you that you're throwing on the ground???

Love, Mom

Julienne said...

So creative and clever!! Way to go getting in!!

P.S. do you know my brother Reid Baughman on the dance team

P.P.S. I am from your old ward in Melrose, I think we met once :) I am a friend of your mom's

Josh said...

Face it Laura... we're totally awesome. Next best thing since sliced bread and cruise-control.

Sharlie said...

Laura, that was brilliant and I loved it.

The McCullough Family said...

Very well done.

BTW - I am friend of your mom's...

dramaspice said...

Laura.. you're just the coolest :)