Tea-drinking, yoga-doing, bohemian chic

Yesterday, Katie, Kellie and I decided we wanted to be sophisticated and mature.

So, naturally, we bought two different kinds of herbal tea:

African Apple Red


some mix of chamomile and lemongrass*


They were both pretty gross.

I guess we'll stick with apple cider and hot cocoa. For now, at least.

image via deviantart

*(I actually kind of like chamomile tea, but only when I've got a head cold.)


amanda and dave said...


i love and miss you girls.

Katya said...

hahahah amen amen amen

Jayne said...

hahaha you're adorable

Josh said...

Oh man I soooo HATE tea. I think it's totally an acquired taste thing. Though you ask Brandon and he'll go off about the wonders of tea.

Jody said...


try stirring in some honey next time and you'll like it better. promise. :)