Craving California

Today, while sitting in Spanish class, I could almost feel the warmth of the sun, even in the basement of the Humanities building.

Utah looked like summer for a little while.
I love California. I always have. I consider myself 1/4 California girl, because my mom grew up there.

California, to me, means laying in the sun all day long and reading a good book.
California means having that salty smell on your skin and beach waves in your hair.
California means getting rid of your blow-dryer.
California sunshine is so beautiful, you can't help but feel fabulous.

I dream of living in a tiny little apartment right near the beach, waiting tables at some hole-in-the-sand restaurant to pay the bills, and spending all my free time playing on the beach. Just for a little while, I think that would be heaven.

And that means I'd have to learn how to surf.

But I'm okay with that.

pic from our trip to california last year.*

*this picture reminds me of Saved by the Bell or Step by Step or something or even Babysitter's Club, in a random way.

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Al said...

dear laura...i miss you twinner. too bad you weren't with me yesterday cuz i was at the beach all day! it was awesome. we should take another road trip to cali this summer tho. that was a blast!!