Today and last night I realized I would probablylove my Humanities class if I actually took the time to do the readings. (Or do them earlier than 12 o'clock at night).

So I'm recommitting to this on-again, off-again relationship I have with my studies.

Dear Humanities,
I know that you are just a GE class. And that you don't
directly relate to my major (although I do plan on advertising to humans, not animals).

But I am going to love you. We'll be good friends, spending
lots of time together. (Thank you, 2660-page Norton Anthology of Western Literature)

And I promise to not save all the readings until the day before the late day of the test.

A girl that really wants to care about old Greek and Roman guys, orders of columns, and well, humanity.

{This line, which I read last night, from the Satyricon, struck me:

"He's got a clock in the dining room and a trumpeter all dressed up to tell him how much longer he's got to live."*

I feel like this needs to be made into a contemporary rock song.}

*Though I love this line, Trimalchio, I think you are a buffoon.


Jody Lynn said...

humanities is fun, huh?! i had to take it last semseter and i loved it! good luck!

Josh said...

FUN!? Let's just say that I enjoy humanities about as much as y'all enjoy Science and math. But somebody's gotta love it, right? Right. Now, if you wanna talk Greek stuff then I'm your man, but anything else "human..." then I'm useless I'm afraid. :S