Double post! whoa whoa!

Bleah! so it's like 1:57 am...crazy. ♣ I should be in bed. But I'm not goin to bed yet. Oh goodness..I can't believe Christmas break is almost over. I'm so sad. Anyway...Hmm..well I wish I had something of worth to say.

"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious." -Peter Ustinov (but we can just pretend that I'm that clever. lol. just jokin.)

Live a life less ordinary
Live a life extraordinary with me
Live a life less sedentary
Live a life evolutionary with me

~Good song...Carbon Leaf:D I ♥ them! check them out (www.carbonleaf.com) Anyway...well I love you all! listen to good music, dance in the rain and love yourself. -LC:)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:D!

Hey everybody...all 2 of you..lol. Hope you all had a FANTABULOUS Christmas and are going to have a flippin awesome New year! Well my week's been goin pretty good so far. My Christmas was great:D...and I'm excited for New Year's Eve:D Last night was super fun at Ryan's..mormon party all the way ..then alex and peter and david showed up..funny boys Wish I hung out w/them more. I love my friends:D..they're awesome. Don't know what I'd do without them. I miss summer....:( Hmm..well this is going to be a short one..since I dont have anything important to say (like I ever do) Anyway...talk to you ALL lata:D


shout outs to:

~LL the main reader of this thing lol..you're the best!
~All my buddies:D Love you all! thanks for everything



Yay Christmas! Yay Break! Yay Christmas Break!

Hey everybody who reads this (All none of you lol.) Yay it's christmas break! I'm so happy. I definitely need the time to de-stress and stuff. I slept in until like 1:15 pm today..it felt....soo good. I'm excited for Christmas and New Year's too. Our New Year's dance at church is going to be soo fun:D. Kara and Becca and Liz and I are in charge of it. We need to get plannin on that too..but it'll be fun. Anyway...No school for two weeks. YES!! I'm finally gettin over being sick. (hopefully I didn't just jinx it..cross my fingers) Right now..life is good. I have great friends, Christmas is coming, I get to sleep in, and stay up late. Except I need to clean my room...I should do that tomorrow. Hmm...I'll think about it. :D Well I'll try and update more...see you ALL later:D -LC

Life is...
...full of love
...being yourself
...never letting go
...sharing a bowl of ice cream with someone special
...dancing in your bedroom
...blasting Spice Girls and singing along
...learning from your mistakes
...loving through the tough times
...smiling every day


3 more days!! woohoo!

Hey Everybody!! Only three more days until Christmas break:D. I'm so excited. I love Christmas. And I get to catch up on some MUCH needed sleep. I probably looked like such a goober in math today sitting there half asleep with my mouth open desperately trying to keep my eyes open. My big 2 projects for history are DONE!!!! From Sea to Shining Sea has been finished, and My family history project is done too!! woohoo!!! I have a test en Espanol tomorrow. It'll probably be pretty easy though. Anyway...we finally got the new floor put in our dance studio. It looks beautiful. Way better than before.

I'm so excited for the New Year's Eve dance for church! Kara, Becca, Liz and I are gonna plan it again. (with help from other people of course) It was a lot of work last time but it was sooo much fun. Everybody should come! even if you aren't a mormon, our dances are way fun!:D

Boys...Meh...I don't have time for them and that's fine by me. Right now, I'm perfectly content with just having a bunch of guy friends. Although dates are always fun (Hint, Hint..lol) Anyway..just thought I'd try and update, just to see if anyone still reads this thing. Anyway that's all for now. -LC :D


Smile...it makes your tushy tingle;)

Hey All 2 of you that read this lol. Maybe not even that many. Oh well. I'm pretty excited because this Saturday is my December dance recital. Saturday at 7 pm at UCC Jacoby Auditorium. Everybody should come because it's going to be great (hopefully!!) and then you can make fun of the guys in tango. Haha just kidding, all the guys are doing AWESOME! I hope the tango turns out well. I'm really nervous for it. But I think it'll be good. It's been so much fun. Today was a pretty good day. It started out bad, but it got better. I was like 10 minutes late to English, which I'm usually late, but not that late. lol. Anyway...the test in math today was easy as pie. Seminary was awesome. Spanish was uh...interesting.. I got in trouble for talking too much and "not focusing"..lol oh well. Then chem wasn't too bad. Mr. Thiessen is funny..in his own way lol. Gotta love him singin "Kwanzaa...." LOL. I have like 25 more pages to read in my history book (From Sea to Shining Sea)!!!!! I'm going to be soo relieved when I finish that baby. Anyway I gotta go work on my project for that class so I gotta go. Live. Love. and eat your ice cream without guilt:D Laura's advice for the day.