Merry Christmas and Happy New Year:D!

Hey everybody...all 2 of you..lol. Hope you all had a FANTABULOUS Christmas and are going to have a flippin awesome New year! Well my week's been goin pretty good so far. My Christmas was great:D...and I'm excited for New Year's Eve:D Last night was super fun at Ryan's..mormon party all the way ..then alex and peter and david showed up..funny boys Wish I hung out w/them more. I love my friends:D..they're awesome. Don't know what I'd do without them. I miss summer....:( Hmm..well this is going to be a short one..since I dont have anything important to say (like I ever do) Anyway...talk to you ALL lata:D


shout outs to:

~LL the main reader of this thing lol..you're the best!
~All my buddies:D Love you all! thanks for everything



Anonymous said...

yay for shoutouts!:)

♥ LL

Laura Loo said...

yay:D lemme see if I can do that heart thing right


Laura Loo said...

dang it...lol you'll have to show me again

Laura Loo said...

♥<-----yeah that's right....who's awesome now? huh? lol...check this one out too:

pretty sweet huh?

(I only had to google it like 3 times. LOL)