e-e-everything is gonna be alright, rock-a-bye*

I'm so grateful.

Grateful for this wonderful gift God gave me. That even when things don't go how I want them to: I know it's going to be okay.

And I know that my definition of "okay" isn't the only definition, and isn't usually the best.

But everything will be alright.

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*great song.


Musings of a sleep deprived daydream believer

I should be in bed. not blogging.
I felt like sleep was overrated this whole week.

Nevertheless, it's been a pretty good week. Busy, which is not always bad, but I still found time to have some fun here and there.

I realized I love having friends in my classes and (hopefully) soon-to-be major.

I feel like I'm getting my sea legs in the world of advertising. I don't feel like such a rookie anymore. ( I definitely still am, but confidence can go a long way).

I'm really happy and at peace with my life. I'm excited for what this semester/year/summer will bring, and hoping for new adventures. I have confidence that the Lord knows me and wants me to be happy.

I think this may be theme song of my love life right now. And I mean that in an absolutely positive way. I'm...content, but still hopeful.

Have a fabulous weekend, my dear friends!


This week...

is going to be crazy...

I need some extra hours.

I think tomorrow is going to be one of those days where I wish I was ill.


This is joy to me:

"Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world...always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God."

I do hope for a better world.
I believe in a better world, but I also believe in this world.
I believe in people.
People who infect the world with smiles and laughter. Who see the beauty through the bad news. Who love unconditionally and who never give up. Who are brave enough to believe in their dreams. Who have convictions and don't stray from them.

There is a lot more we could be doing. But that's the beauty of it: we can do something to make this world a little brighter and a little better.

And we are so blessed.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
-Marcel Proust

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2009 was a good year.

It was a year of trying new things.
A year of tempting fate and failure and being alright with the outcome.
It was a year of growth and getting to know myself a little bit better.
It was a year of really being myself...and loving it.

-renewed my love for writing/blogging.
-trusted my intuition.
-found a major I love. (and hope will love me back.)
-made difficult decisions.
-explored the town I go to school in. and found out that it is not lame.
-made friends in my classes. really awesome friends.
-flew in the face of failure and inhibition and went after what I wanted.
-believed in myself.

A friend mentioned to my roommates and me that our apartment has a "different feel" this year. I believe it. I think we all did a lot of growing up last year. And I think it's a good thing.

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Survey time, again!

I'm getting ready to turn in my advertising application and one of the questions relates to the chain of Costa Vida restaurants in Utah.

I created this survey, using Qualtrics, and would love for any or all of you to take it! It's only 8 questions, so it takes no time at all.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!