2009 was a good year.

It was a year of trying new things.
A year of tempting fate and failure and being alright with the outcome.
It was a year of growth and getting to know myself a little bit better.
It was a year of really being myself...and loving it.

-renewed my love for writing/blogging.
-trusted my intuition.
-found a major I love. (and hope will love me back.)
-made difficult decisions.
-explored the town I go to school in. and found out that it is not lame.
-made friends in my classes. really awesome friends.
-flew in the face of failure and inhibition and went after what I wanted.
-believed in myself.

A friend mentioned to my roommates and me that our apartment has a "different feel" this year. I believe it. I think we all did a lot of growing up last year. And I think it's a good thing.

image via sabino


Katie said...

I'm glad 2009 was good for you! Way to be brave and try out for new things...:) I'm glad it's paying off.

Maybe I'm a bit biased, but...I like the feel of our apartment. :)

mina said...

what an adorable picture!