Musings of a sleep deprived daydream believer

I should be in bed. not blogging.
I felt like sleep was overrated this whole week.

Nevertheless, it's been a pretty good week. Busy, which is not always bad, but I still found time to have some fun here and there.

I realized I love having friends in my classes and (hopefully) soon-to-be major.

I feel like I'm getting my sea legs in the world of advertising. I don't feel like such a rookie anymore. ( I definitely still am, but confidence can go a long way).

I'm really happy and at peace with my life. I'm excited for what this semester/year/summer will bring, and hoping for new adventures. I have confidence that the Lord knows me and wants me to be happy.

I think this may be theme song of my love life right now. And I mean that in an absolutely positive way. I'm...content, but still hopeful.

Have a fabulous weekend, my dear friends!

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