Update on the 25 before 25

Since I turned 26 last October, maybe it's time to prove I actually checked off some of the below.

25 before I turn 25:

1. Spend some time in foreign country (El Salvador, more about that here if you're interested)
2. Learn to cook (Check)
3. Learn how to use graphic design programs (ehhh...not so much)
4. Read 25 new books (Check, proof here)
5. Let myself fall in love (Hmm...that's still up for debate, but I have learned an awful lot about love)
6. Go to New York City (Check)
7. Define my political opinions a little more; be more knowledgeable (Definitely)
8. Record a CD with Brittany in a recording studio (A dream that has yet to be fulfilled)
9. Learn to play guitar (Nah)
10. Write an up-tempo song (Check, Songwriting 101)
11. Learn to not be afraid of driving (Fears conquered. And also avoided since I live in New York)
12. Use my writing skills for good (Check)
13. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Eve (Not yet)
14. Donate something (time/money) each year to worthy causes (excluding tithing/fast offerings) (Check)
15. Become fluent in Spanish (We'll say...conversant)
16. Create something I am really proud of: a song, a painting, a dance, an idea, a wedding dress (A portfolio and a life in New York)
17. Learn to like vegetables (Shocking to some, but yes)
18. Start a collection of records (Keeping my CDs around for when they become the new retro trend)
19. Take a cross-country road trip (Still waiting for this opportunity!)
20. Go to a really good concert or two (Yes and yes and yes)
21. Get paid to use my talents (no matter how little) (Big girl job in NYC)
22. Spend some time with my family in the Deep South (2013 Charleston trip with L & K)
23. Share my talents. For once, really show off (Yup)
24. Take full advantage of the dance opportunities available to me (Ballroom days at BYU...)
25. Read each of these at least once, all the way through (Carrying this over to 30 before 30)


Since I moved to New York and started my first "big girl" job, I sort of lost interest in this blog and became distracted with other things. I spend the majority of my work day staring at a computer screen, so the idea of coming home and opening my laptop hasn't been so appealing.

But I miss having an outlet to write creatively. To use symbolism, to get romantic, to ramble on and on and on a little bit.

So, I'm back. And hello again to those of you who might still be reading.

Stay tuned.