Today I bought a package of chocolate Zingers from the vending machine.

I ate them as I walked home from my very unproductive session in the library. I don't really even like Zingers, but sometimes I buy them just because. Because they remind me of my mom, because we never had them when I was growing up, and sometimes I just crave the completely unhealthy mediocrity.

Here's the thing: There are three of them in one package. By the time I get to the third one, I am almost always sick of the spongy chocolate cake and over-processed cream; but, without fail, I always eat all three.

I wonder what this says about my personality; I bet someone psychologist-like could read into this. I wonder what they would say.

That was my dinner. Less than scrumptious.

each moment has got a lesson for the day

Life is interesting. Even when it is boring. How is it that so much can change and at the same time stay the same?

I've been doing a lot of just sitting and thinking lately. About life. About myself and what I want from this life. I think this summer will be the perfect time to do some serious soul searching. I have come to know myself better the past few years, months, days, but my mind can be quite a complex thing. I think about and analyze the aspects and goings-on of my life too much. I feel deeply. My natural tendency is to see the hidden meaning behind every word, gesture, blink of the eye; I try to keep that in check. Sometimes I daydream about "what if..." longer than I should.

Anyhow, I am excited for time this summer...to get to know Me a little bit better. (Even though I will definitely be working my tail off at my favorite little Italian restaurant).

This was kind of a random rambling of my thoughts...but sometimes rambling is good.

ps: camping was great. the hike was...an adventure, but it was fun and exciting and strenuous and i got to spend it with some of the greatest people alive. it doesn't get much better than that. also, s'mores never tasted so good :).



I hope...
that I feel less sick tomorrow...
that I survive the 13 mile hike...(even if I don't feel less sick)
that it gets warmer here, and that it is warmer when we're camping...

that I can get to sleep tonight....yay for Nyquil.



Free at last!


I NEVER have to go back to my old job. We will call it "fast-food-chain-that-will-not-be-named." Because it is basically the Voldemort of the restaurant industry.

It feels so WONDERFUL!

It was like swallowing a pill, but it is over.

Today was a pretty average Monday. I was kind of in a daze the whole day. I don't think I've gotten enough sleep a single night this year.

That's depressing.

Maybe I should go to bed early tonight....

.....doubt it.



Things I miss...

Today I was spacing out in the middle of sacrament meeting and I was reminiscing, which was actually pretty entertaining.

Needless to say, it spurred yet another list. Here we go again.

-time to read for fun
-girls' camp
-holding hands
-MSN Messenger, back when it was cool
-platform flip flops, when I thought they were so in style
-cassette tapes
-oh, and WALKMANS
-worksheets....easy homework from high school
-midnight trips to Sherm's
-one tree hill
-orange food nights
-having a bedtime
-being on a dance team
-high school...?

That's all for now...:)


Katie, you were right. This is addicting.

Happy thoughts for the day:

sunbathing, sunglasses, and swimsuits

2 hour lunch breaks



Ave. 123

Music from my childhood: Third Eye Blind, Barenaked Ladies, Matchbox Twenty, Everclear...etc.

Free candy

Ice cream cones

The beauty of a Saturday to come...

Mo-peds...(shh...don't tell mi padre ;) )

Lucky hands of cards

Good quotes


Dancing for the pure joy that it brings


Welcome, Spring! We have MISSED you!

I thought about writing a post....

BUT instead,

I decided to go out and enjoy the sunshine...



lyrics for life

"sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same." -the fray

"music is the reason why I know time still exists." -elisa

"did i make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?" -a fine frenzy

"you and me...always between the lines." -sara bareilles

"nothing tastes as sweet as what I can't have" -teddy geiger

I have decided to go home for the summer, rather than staying here and going to school and working. It took about two months of sincerely searching for answers, several failed job opportunities, and a bucket or two of sweat and tears trying to solidify my plan to stay. I guess that is my answer, I was going against the grain and it just wasn't working.

I AM excited to go home and spend time with my family, and have a break from school. I feel at peace with the decision, and somewhat relieved. But for the first time in my life, it's harder to go home than it is to leave. Maybe that is because for the first time, somewhere else feels
like home, too.

Reasons to be excited to go home:
-summer in the best state in the country
-hanging out with my mom all summer
-spending time with a certain ten-year-old boy with whom I share an immediate blood line :)
-moolah...$$$ (at a job that I like!)
-ice cream...huge scoop for 75 cents at the local grocery store...:)

It will be hard to leave and know that there is so much I will miss by not being with these people I have grown so used to seeing every day. It's only 4 months though, right?

I hate goodbyes. They are almost always bittersweet. Someone better call me over the summer, that's all I have to say :)


My name is Laura, and I'm a compulsive list-maker.

Current Favorites:

-music: ella fitzgerald
-movie: serendipity
-weather: breezy sunshine
-dance: american rumba
-book: the book thief...i'm almost done, finally!
-color: red
-friend: my mom
-language: french, even though I speak about ten words
-feeling: being barefoot
-spot on campus: spiral staircase in the JFSB
-food: dark chocolate
-line from a song: "you held your breath, and the door for me" --thank you alanis morissette
-quote: "live simply so that others may simply live"--ghandi



1. The first 20 or so posts are completely unrelated to the later ones; they are just random thoughts.

2. I kind of stink at this whole blogging thing.

3. There is a very good chance that it will be another year before I post anything again.

4. I went the whole year without eating meat (as mentioned in a previous post, at the 7 month mark).

That's all.



I should be sleeping...

So I know that I only ever write on this about twice a year. I guess tonight is just one of those nights. It's 12:42 and I should be in bed, but for some reason I don't want to sleep yet. I will regret this in the morning, I'm sure. Such is the life of a college student.
I don't have anything particularly insightful to say tonight, especially not anything political or "treehugger-ish," except for the fact that I received a package from my mother today with a bar of organic,
fair trade,
dark chocolate....

Heaven. That is how I feel about chocolate.

That was random.

My roommates call me a hippie. I guess I'm okay with that. Regardless of what others think, I am NOT a raving liberal. If anything, I have slightly liberal undertones on a few, select subjects. I do believe that it is possible to be somewhat of a treehugger and still have conservative values.

I recycle and like to buy organic but that doesn't mean I'm pro-choice or against our right to bear arms.

I think I am going to continue re-interpreting what this blog is about. I think it is kind of a jumbled mess of odds and ends, not really about anything in particular. I guess that kind of mirrors my personality; I'm a bit of a "Jane" of all trades. Moderately good at a bunch of different things, but not truly AMAZING at anything.

So I guess that's it for tonight. I'm going to finish some much-procrastinated Spanish homework. Good night.