each moment has got a lesson for the day

Life is interesting. Even when it is boring. How is it that so much can change and at the same time stay the same?

I've been doing a lot of just sitting and thinking lately. About life. About myself and what I want from this life. I think this summer will be the perfect time to do some serious soul searching. I have come to know myself better the past few years, months, days, but my mind can be quite a complex thing. I think about and analyze the aspects and goings-on of my life too much. I feel deeply. My natural tendency is to see the hidden meaning behind every word, gesture, blink of the eye; I try to keep that in check. Sometimes I daydream about "what if..." longer than I should.

Anyhow, I am excited for time this summer...to get to know Me a little bit better. (Even though I will definitely be working my tail off at my favorite little Italian restaurant).

This was kind of a random rambling of my thoughts...but sometimes rambling is good.

ps: camping was great. the hike was...an adventure, but it was fun and exciting and strenuous and i got to spend it with some of the greatest people alive. it doesn't get much better than that. also, s'mores never tasted so good :).

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Katya said...

Laura, I was going to write you a nice note on Sunday, but we didn't get back in time for ward prayer...so...here you go! haha :)
Laura! Can I just say you are the funniest, most genuine person I know? I have had such a blast getting to know you this semester. I'm way excited to live with you next year! :)
and I want to know this does: