Things I miss...

Today I was spacing out in the middle of sacrament meeting and I was reminiscing, which was actually pretty entertaining.

Needless to say, it spurred yet another list. Here we go again.

-time to read for fun
-girls' camp
-holding hands
-MSN Messenger, back when it was cool
-platform flip flops, when I thought they were so in style
-cassette tapes
-oh, and WALKMANS
-worksheets....easy homework from high school
-midnight trips to Sherm's
-one tree hill
-orange food nights
-having a bedtime
-being on a dance team
-high school...?

That's all for now...:)

1 comment:

Alex Dixon said...

laura, i can't believe you were spacing out in sacrament meeting today...tisk tisk. =)