3 more days!! woohoo!

Hey Everybody!! Only three more days until Christmas break:D. I'm so excited. I love Christmas. And I get to catch up on some MUCH needed sleep. I probably looked like such a goober in math today sitting there half asleep with my mouth open desperately trying to keep my eyes open. My big 2 projects for history are DONE!!!! From Sea to Shining Sea has been finished, and My family history project is done too!! woohoo!!! I have a test en Espanol tomorrow. It'll probably be pretty easy though. Anyway...we finally got the new floor put in our dance studio. It looks beautiful. Way better than before.

I'm so excited for the New Year's Eve dance for church! Kara, Becca, Liz and I are gonna plan it again. (with help from other people of course) It was a lot of work last time but it was sooo much fun. Everybody should come! even if you aren't a mormon, our dances are way fun!:D

Boys...Meh...I don't have time for them and that's fine by me. Right now, I'm perfectly content with just having a bunch of guy friends. Although dates are always fun (Hint, Hint..lol) Anyway..just thought I'd try and update, just to see if anyone still reads this thing. Anyway that's all for now. -LC :D


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