Catchin up..

Hey everybody..it's been a while. Sorry I haven't been updating..it seems like no one is. So anyway...not too much super exciting has been happening. 2 important events have occured though. My car wreck, and getting my wisdom teeth out. I got in a car wreck last monday..and so I no longer have the privelege of driving my sweet Penelope, my minivan. I was driving on Heydon Road off of Melqua and I slid ont he gravel, went off the road and hit a tree. Very Scary. Luckily I was ok and no one else was in the car. Second, today I got my wisdom teeth out. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The shot was the worst part. Then they gave me lots of drugs so I was knocked out basically for the whole procedure. I didn't swell up too bad so I might still go to the halfshell tomorrow night. Who knows..Hmm..well yeah I'll try and update more:D ttyl bubye



laurleo said...

you are soo extrememly lucky.. you saw me like 5 days after i got my wisdom teeth out. an i looked like a picked a fight with a grizzly bear.. argh. ;)

Laura Loo said...

hey..we're deff. watching movies tomorrow..haha that'll be fun..ttyl:D bubye

DIANA! said...


didn't know about your carwreck! you don't know how glad i am you are ok:) car wrecks sort of creep me out badly now. well sorry about the wisdom teeth...

i like sushi.
-diana the diana