Happy thoughts.

I love...
  • when tests go well
  • dinner group and the wonderful men of Ave 123
  • my old ward
  • my roommates
  • my amazing friends
  • cruising university ave
  • feeling accomplished and productive
  • the slowly forming calluses on the tips of my fingers
  • holly brook's music
  • cute waiters
  • red starbursts
  • when Britt comes to visit
  • Mary's Song by Taylor Swift...and the fact that I can play it on the guitar
  • fun plans for the weekend
  • mocktail parties :)
  • birthdays
  • packages
  • dancing the foxtrot in my new standard pumps
  • the smell of autumn air

Happy Friday!

image via deviantart


Josh said...

Oh my gosh YES! Autumn air. LOVE IT! Dig it! Gotta have it! And yes to the rest. Including cute waitresses.

Micaela said...

red starbusts are best!!!

i picked you:

i've loved your lists lately, and thought you'd be good at this one. :)