Yesterday was my birthday.
The big two-one.
{Okay so maybe this birthday isn't quite as monumental, considering I'm LDS and don't drink}

But still. We had a pretty rockin' Black and White "Mocktail" Party complete with:

-21 original non-alcoholic concoctions (Upside Slammer with a Twist? NCMO on the Beach? AuPear? and, of course, the "Laura."*)
-a fierce game of Nerts.
-Oreo Truffles. (and homemade Oreos, courtesy of Katya)
-an impromptu dating panel, instigated by Mario, which ended up with both sexes complaining about how confusing the other is.
-michael, frank, and ella, singing me some jazz in the background.
-and plenty of incredible people dressed to the nines in black and white garb.

It's official: I have the greatest friends.

image via vi.sualize.us

*gilmore girls, anyone?


Katya said...

yay for awesome birthday parties! that was so much fun laura! :)

amanda and dave said...

:( I'm sorry I'm a loser friend. Sounds like it was so so much fun! Next party, I'm there.


brown eyed girl said...

haha no worries Amanda! :) Come by anytime and we'll fix you a mocktail :)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry i had to miss the big one. we'll party it up at sarah's in a few months. way to keep blogging :) f